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Well, it must be Wednesday bacause here I am. I’ll keep it short on length today, but hopefully long on content.

On the international scene, it looks like the Brittish police have identified the killer in the famed radiation spy killer.

Looks like those zaney muslim kids have a new fad going, slashing their own forheads. What will they come up with next?

Guess who’s back: Castro rejoins the living.

Here at home, people seem suddenly surprised that their was a verified effort by the Bush adminstration to silence scientific reports on global warming. No suprise here.

Time magazine reporter Mathew Cooper testifies that Karl Rove spilled the beans to him about Valerie Plame. Why isn’t this man on trial??

Wired reports that the Feds want the ACLU suit over domestic wiretapping dropped bcause that aren’t doing it anymore. Is that a defence? Ted Bundy should have used it.

Wired also reports of Senator Clinton’s strong stance on privacy right.

Need another reason to be happy about the dem controlled congress?  The reintroduction of the net neutrality act. It just might pass this time.

In the Montana’sphere, Matt Singer is agasp that Balyeat actually had a good idea. On the other hand, he sighs at Lange’s introduction of the worst bill ever. It really is that bad.

Cece reports on her trip to protest in DC this past weekend, complete with pictures. In case you missed it, here is the Billings Gazette’s coverage of her trip.
JHYGirl covers the rally in Helena where state Senator Gallus, Rep Noonan and Rep French spoke to a very cold crowed.

Yours truly points out some things that we are ignoring because of our fixation with the war in Iraq.

Randy shows us the dumbest criminal ever.

Patia Stevens plays a game: Where in the world is Patia.

Jeff Mangan on the local option sales tax.

Ok, now here is one for my fellow computer workers (Programmers like me and IT workers alike should visit this site everyday to find out what not to do. The Daily WTF?, Curious Perversions in Information Technology.

And one more for everyone, My favorite site for curious perversions of the English language by our buddies in Asia. Click the Recent Discoveries link on the left.

  1. Big Swede

    French President Chirac says to Iran,” lob one this way and you’re going down.” Loosely translated.

    Nothing to do with Rush, Matt.

  2. Squid

    Hey, Shane, have you got a link to that story about that dumb ass Biden and his comments about Obama or a link to the female democrat quiting the Spanish Caucus because the chairman called her a whore? Man, forget about all that other non-relevant stuff, we need to discuss these juicy happenings ASAP. Paging William Jefferson. Please call home. Your power went out and we need to discuss the disposition of your freezer contents.

  3. Squid, you are less than inspired. What Joe Biden said was no worse than the crap that spews out of many peoples mouth any day. You want those links? Start your own blog.

  4. Squid

    Come on, Shane, if that would have been a republican spewing that stuff it would have been all over this blog. Good come back though, bring up some negs against dems and it’s the sour grapes start your own blog stuff. If you want only comments that support your position just block my posts and quit bitching…Love ya man!!

  5. Squid, I would never block you. The point is that I did not cover every link on the tubes here, Just a few that caught my eyes, Republicans say stupid crap all the time and I don’t generally cover that either. For instance, I heard Scott Sales on Montana NPR last night say that Rick Jore represented main stream Montana views, but you didn’t see me link to it did you?

  6. cass


    Is that a cross between “gasp” and “aghast”?

    If so, good one Shane.

  7. Squid – you need a blog. Seriously. You and Swede both. You’d have at least one reader – me. I love arguing with conservatives.

  8. Squid

    You know I’ve lived under the bridge(troll) so long I wouldn’t know how to act otherwise. And I’ll bet when no conservatives are around you probably argue with yourself and lose…:~)

  9. Thanks for the plug, Shane.

  10. When no conservatives are around, I argue with liberals. When no liberals are around, I argue with my cat. And lose.

  11. Squid

    Hey, Mark, we do have one thing in common, in that I too have a cat. I consider him to be a liberal since he sleeps all day, is always getting in trouble and wakes me up at all ungodly hours looking for a hand-out. He does do his business in the litter box, which is one conservative tendency that I’m thankful for. But then again, he does “liberally” puke wherever he happens to be at that point in time.

  12. Jeez – I don’t have a good answer for this. Squid – this one belongs to you.

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