by Jay Stevens

Matt Singer writes an op-ed for New West on the Montana GOP’s distrust of young voters.

Singer also notices that House Republicans don’t want to help out the families of soldiers deployed in Iraq.

Montana Headlines thinks the House Republicans pulled off a sweet one by getting a health and human services bill without the aid of Democrats. *Yawns* Too bad the Senate and Governor will have a say in the procedure.

Charles Johnson looks to the state Senate for some common decency and the solutions that will solve the budget battle, and questions the efficacy of the state’s term limits.

While Chuck blames term limits – he’s got a point, too, I think – Shane lays the Budget Follies at the feet of the Montana Republicans.

The CoSs of Tester, Baucus, and Rehberg profiled – Stephanie Shriock, Jim Messina, and Eric Iverson, respectively.

Missoula county commissioners amend the marijuana initiative’s policy as passed by county voters because they think we’re a pack of morons. (Hat tip to Montana Jones.) Yes, McMeekin and Van Valkenberg, we knew it included felony possession. Go bust real crime, please.

Justin is disgusted by Boggio’s hypocrisy in the recent DUI stop. Ed Kemmick opines that Boggio shouldn’t evade his responsibility in the matter.

These guys want to add their two cents to our bison debate, but dangit if I can understand what the h*ll they’re saying…

David Crisp pans Idaho’s decision to make English the state’s official language: “If English can’t hold its own without official government sanction, then no legislation can save it. And if English can hold its own, then no legislation is needed.”

So…the NYPD was spying on left-wing protesters in preparation for the 2004 Republican Convention. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. What else were national law enforcement officials doing?

Meanwhile, the Senate considers the House’s Iraqi funding bill, which includes a timetable for withdrawal. Support it.

Katie Couric: *sshole. For a thoughtful look at the Edwards’ decision to keep in the race, see the Faithful Progressive’s own bout with cancer. By the way, did you know Couric kept on working during her own husband’s bout with cancer?

Former administration errand-boy, Robert Novak, throws Bush under a bus. Kick ‘em while they’re down, eh, Bobby?

Gee, what a shocker? Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez was actually quite involved in the prosecutor purge, despite what he testified to before the Senate.

Meanwhile, another Justice official plans on taking the fifth before the Senate Justice committee. Looks like the DoJ officials know they’re crooks.

Richard Power speculates on what’s to come in the prosecutor purge and thinks the current scandal is just scraping the tip of the iceberg, including some revelations about vote-counting fraud in the 2004 and 2006 elections.

The Brad Blog considers the GOP’s phantom voter fraud and its role in the prosecutor purge.

Steve Benen examines a four-minute clip of the Chris Matthews’ show on the prosecutor purge that shows all that’s wrong with the DC punditry.

Josh Marshall on why the prosecutor purge is a big deal.

Kossak Kagro X speculates what will happen when the House and Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenas are ignored by the White House.

The next White House scandal? The politicization of the GSA, which would be in violation of the Hatch Act.

And, of course, there’s our old pal, Jack Abramoff, who’s still reeling ‘em in. This time, the former number 2 at the Interior Department. Wait a minute! Isn’t that the administration ol’ Connie used to work with?

The War in Iraq: Four Years of Winning.”

Tinkering with our notion of Jesus’ betrayer, Judas: “…Jesus wasn’t all he’s made out to be, that Judas alone saw through him, and that it was this, not the betrayal, that has made him a hate figure in Christianity ever since.”

On the sad state of American newspapers: “Most American papers look as if they’ve stopped caring and are just going through the motions. And it’s a really bad time for newspapers to look bad.”

How you can make sure your sex life isn’t harmful to the environment. Uh…vegan condoms?

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