Earlier primary approved for Montana. jhwygirl is conflicted. I think it’s a great idea. The shorter the primary, the better.

Montana is the worst when it comes to taxing the working poor.

Ed Kemmick speaks out against HB 340 – which would allow folks to brandish firearms in order to intimidate. (Oh, and remember the GOP’s tacky “death mailers”? Apparently it’s based on the story of a woman having her gun taken from her – only she was high on meth at the time and a little…er…unstable.)

House Republicans claim a Democrat’s idea as their own; play politics with military families.

Is Stan Boone the right man for the state’s Board of Livestock? It doesn’t look that way.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer and the poor poorer. Sometimes I feel like I’m in “Groundhog Day.”

Idaho’s 1st House District has a Democratic challenger: Rand Lewis. We’re waiting to see what Larry Grant does…maybe a run at the Senate seat?

Is Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) going to face a primary challenge from the right? Gee, I hope so!

GOP culture of corruption lives on: Nevada’s Jim Gibbon got a defense contractor a juicy no-bid contractor – who hired his wife as a contractor.

Shane found a great piece in the LA Times on how the Dept of Justice – for the first time – was crassly politicized, and what that should mean to us.

Bill Mercer says he would testify about his role in the prosecutor purge if asked.

Another profile of DoJ 5th-amendment-taker, Monica Goodling, which shows a connected, but not qualified, crony.

Might Karl Rove aides be resigning over the prosecutor purge?

Colby mulls Gitmo, and why they can’t close it: some of the prisoners might actually be innocent.

Has the administration been following the Constanza doctrine as a guide for foreign policy?

If you’re a Republican and thought 2006 was a bad year politically, wait until 2008!

The Notorious Mark T takes a look back at the US and British involvement with Iraq. And you wonder why we’re not popular?

Kossak Meteor Blades on the kidnap of 15 British soldiers by Iran.

Jon Stewart tries to talk sense into the Iranians.

Colby finds more largesse in government spending on the war – and is shocked, shocked! by the lack of oversight allowed by Congress. I would be shocked, shocked! if much of this money happened to benefit fat-cat friends of the administration.

The. Best. Video. Ever. Well…close to, anyway.

Steven Colbert: The surge is working.

Jon Stewart on executive privilege.

  1. There is a huge lefty concern going on about the DOD inviting only right wing leaning bloggers to go to Iraq to blog on events and occurances. Turns out they lied about the invite.

    I just thought that you and your readers might find it interesting to see the Lefty reaction over at the Gun Toting Liberal that scooped this story.

    Great stuff as usual Jay!

    Blog on my friend and GO Red Sox!

    Mat O’Keefe

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