Reconsidering Obama and the funding of the war

by Jay Stevens

The predictable outcome over the funding remarks made by Barack Obama has come to pass – the media has eagerly snapped it up and used it against the Democratic party. Check out this headline: “Anti-War Crowd Turns on Obama.”

What the article fails to mention is that the “anti-war crowd” is around 70 percent of the electorate. Instead it reduces us to a “rabble,” with animal-like qualities (“turns on” refers to a trained animal, of course). I’m sure the resident conservative commentors will enjoy the allegory, but the rest of us are smoldering a little.

In any case, I’m beginning to back down on my attack on Obama for his comments for a couple of reasons.

First, readbetween had some excellent points to make about the subject, namely that it’s possible Obama is being sincere about the issue.

Second, after talking with Tester’s office, they said Jon would not vote for a bill that would leave U.S. military troops underequipped.

Let’s be frank. Congress knows the funding bill is going to be vetoed, and that Bush will do everything to stay in Iraq until his term ends, even if that means vetoing funding bill after funding bill and letting the soldiers rot in Baghdad. After all, if he really cared about the condition, morale, and equipment of the troops in Iraq, he would have made strategic and logistical changes, oh, about four years ago.

Remember, this is the President that sends troops into battle without proper armor, that cuts benefits for veterans, that overextends units, that sends men still unfit for combat back to Iraq, that has lowered enlistment standards drastically, and prefers letting the Iraqi wounded recover in squalor rather than admit privatized medical care doesn’t work. I could also compare the treatment of the troops with the administration’s largesse when it comes to defense contractor cronies. In short, this President doesn’t give a rat’s *ss about the men and women who serve. Why should Congress think this President will swallow withdrawal in order to fund his troops? He’d rather let them starve than admit he was wrong.

Montana Headlines and I have debated the constitutionality of denying funding to Iraq in order to end the war. In the end, I think it’s moot, and I agree with his conclusion: Congress needs to amend or draft a new Iraq Resolution bill.

In fact, there were reports in late February that such a resolution was being drafted by Senate Democrats, Carl Levin (MI) and Joe Biden (DE).

Tester’s office said Jon would consider such a resolution, and I think that’s the way to go.

  1. “right” “correct” and “accurate” are different words, with different meanings. Just so that we’re clear here.

    Whether or not someone is ‘sincere’ has no bearing on whether or not they’re full of it. What Obama has supported is “ratcheting” up the pressure on a man who won’t feel it. According to Bush, we won’t leave Iraq, regardless of what Congress says. Or the American people. Bush is in full on tyrant mode, complete with claims that he will purposefully hurt military personel to support his agenda, and punish the sensibilities of detractors. One does not “sincerely” “ratchet up the pressure” against tyrants. A leader, in America, deposes such.

    Congress has the right, the will and the means to specify how our military is funded. If Bush wants to flaunt the law (yet again) and trash the military in order to scare Congress, then our duty is to fight Bush and those who enable his tyranny, like Obama (and possibly Tester). Congress needs to tell Bush where to go with his threats. Obama isn’t doing that.

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