Michael Lange promises to get really, really mean

by Jay Stevens

Michael Lange is at it again:

We’ve been nice for weeks,” said House Majority Michael Lange, R-Billings. “Now, we’re not going to be so nice.”

Ed Kemmick:

What does that mean? Is he going to escalate from “hand guns” to using both arms to simulate a Tommy gun? His threat, basically, was that unless the Democratic legislators and Gov. Schweizter follow the Republicans’ lead on tax cuts and education funding, the Republicans will restrict funding increases for all state agencies.

Also yesterday, Lange waxed violent yet again, commenting on the sex-offender bill: “The only place there ought to be reform is at the end of a rope. If that sounds harsh, I don’t care.”

Colby Natale:

I don’t need to point out the specific instances of rancor spouting up in our state government over the past few months, so the notion that such battles have been the ‘nice’ Republicans’ really makes me worry about what the not-so-nice variety looks like.

I don’t know what to add here. Lange and his fellow Montana Republicans came into this legislative session intending to obstruct and bicker. At least, that’s what Scott Sales promised us when he declared war on the Democrats even before the session has started. They’ve delivered on their promise. Now they want to amp up the rancor?

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Well, morons like lange and sales etc. are just mad as hell cause they don’t have a blowjob! What? Oh no. Wait. I didn’t mean what you’re thinking. I didn’t mean that they want a blowjob for themselves. Oh no. Not that. But you see, they view Schweitzer much like the national Pubie party viewed Clinton. The minute Clinton won, the race was on to bring him down. It CONSUMED them. And richard melon scaife provided millions of dollars for people to go door to door in Arkansas asking everyone they could find if they had something on Clinton. Hell, he even paid some state troopers to lie. And even more bizarre, they erected billboards with an 800 number asking people to call if they had something on Billy. They hated Clinton that badly. And moron mikey and co. hate Schweitzer in the same way. But unfortunately for moron mikey, they have yet to find their blowjob on Schwietzer! So they’re doing the next best thing. They’re attempting to destroy his administration through their own admitted scorched earth policy. They prefer to destroy our current system of government to make their point. Well, to most rational thinking people, this would seem absurd, for the negative consequences of such an action if it goes badly would be horrific for the Pubbie party. But lange, being the moron that he is, is willing to risk it all. And so, this is where we currently are. They hated Clinton because he was extremely smart, very caring, and had a record of helping Black people. They hate Scwheitzer for many of the same reasons. Schweitzer even had the audacity to invite INDIANS to his inaguaral ball! Can you even imagine?! I saw them there, drumming and singing. It was truly quite an emotional experience to have first nation people finally asked to come on board as equals. And Schwietzer, like Clinton before him who appointed Blacks to leadership positions, has appointed many highly qualified Native Americans to leadership roles. So, it’s only natural for insecure little bully boys like moron mikey to get very, very mad and have lots of public tantrums. Chances are that things will be very bad for the Pub party in the future as a result.

  2. I’ve been paying at least a little bit of attention to sex offender reform myself, mostly due to something that almost happened to a friend of mine back in high school – luckily he got a judge with a little common sense even if his girlfriend’s father was devoid of such.

    I agree that the most appropriate place for majority of sex offenders is at the end of a short piece of rope, hooked to a tall tree, but that doesn’t take into account the types of people that are often classified as “sex offenders”. I don’t think that most people realize that an 18 year old boy, that has sex with his perfectly willing 17 year old girlfriend and happens to get caught by the wrong person, could be placed in the same class as a common child molester. I imagine that a good number of the folks on the national sex offender list got there in at least a somewhat similar fashion and truly do not deserve to be treated like rapists and perverts. This can even be true if the girl lied about her age and told said young man that she was 18. Basically our laws say that young men had best be checking ID’s and getting signed waivers of consent at the door of their shaggin’ wagons, or risk registering their whereabouts for the rest of their lives. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to get laid . . . . . ;)

  3. Yeah, I’ve thought about writing a post on that very subject. It’s not just the situation you outline — but did you know in some places you can be convicted as a sex offender for urinating in public? Or those women who flashed their breasts to protest the Iraq War? Etc & co…

  4. I’m sure that I’ve done plenty of things in my life that would classify me as a sex offender . . . . . . I’m not . . . . . . really.

    I’m just an average, garden variety pervert. ;)

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