A great profile of Jon Tester in this Sunday’s Missoulian

And from the pages of the profile, Matt Singer points out Jon’s thoughts about the war and wonders how we can push both him and Max Baucus towards a more firm stance against Bush.

Montana’s Congressional delegation to fight the removal of 50 missiles from Malmstrom’s mission. IMHO, they should be looking for new, forward-looking missions instead.

Tester co-sponsors the allocation of $315 million for research on carbon-dioxide sequestration. Which the Good Guv needs, if his coal-to-gas scheme is to work.

Watch Max grill an EPA representative over the allocation of funds for cleaning up Libby.

Former state Senator, Jeff Mangan, calls for Republican leadership in the Senate to step forward and salvage the budget process.

Mike Dennison has a point about the Good Guv’s energy plan: it’s not terribly coherent.

So…just why are servers going to be excluded from Montana’s minimum wage?

Here’s a report on “New West” versus “Old West” economies from New West — gee, I wonder towards which side the online journal gavitates.

The LA Times mulls the new-found political power of Native American communities in places like Montana.

The Washington Post agrees with Iran on the proper role of women, and is worried that the Muslim world thinks we’re all gay.

John McCain “explains” his stroll through Baghdad on “60 Minutes.” Shall we set the over-under for when McCain drops out of the presidential race?

And you wonder why Democrats want to boycott Fox? This hit piece almost makes me want to support Clinton.

Josh Marshall scrutinizes Rachel Paulose and the resignation of four Minneapolis-based US attorneys. The incident may provide more evidence of misconduct on behalf of the administration.

And in Wisconsin, we find out that the state GOP pressured the DoJ through Rove to prosecute Democratic voter fraud just before a tight gubernatorial election.

Michael J. Strickings on the uncomfortable breach of church and state that the administration hiring of Regent-University-educated lawyers represents.

Kevin Drum describes how unqualified Regent University grads get plum appointments in the DoJ.

Now even Newt wants Alberto to resign.

How a retired Marine colonel and renowned professor can be put on the terrorist watch list.

Hometown Baghdad,” a series of Iraqi-made YouTube videos depicting the lives of young people in Baghdad.

Why asking presidential hopefuls for their Iraq plan is pointless.

It doesn’t matter who wins in 2008, US troops are in Iraq to stay, says NYTimes Magazine writer Noah Feldman.

Who supports the troops? Apparently not the administration, which is sending unfit troops back to battle and maltreats the wounded who stay behind.

The beginning of the end: the blogger code of conduct. Reminds me of the comics code of a half century ago, and a nice gateway into the legitimizing of a handful of officially sanctioned blogs and pushing the rest to the periphery.

Another possibility of the future of blogs: in Japan, all political content is banned from online sources 12 days prior to an election.

  1. I’ve read & reread my post a couple of times, and I’m scratching my head at the characterization of the R leadership salvaging the budget process. The post discusses the lack of GOP leadership in the Senate, who seem intent on allowing the House R’s to reign. Ultimately, I opine, a Senate led compromise on tax relief may be welcomed

  2. I also realize most days I’m clear as mud…!

  3. Well, it seems you’re implying that the current House leadership tax plan is not workable, and that without Senate GOPers stepping up, compromise is not likely to happen…

    Did I misinterpret?

  4. Nope – exactly on, couldn’t have said it better myself, however in my world, the “budget” is seperate from the “tax plan”, thats all.

  5. Oh, gotcha. Still, I see the key issue separating the sides on the budget morass is the property tax issue. Tho’ I’m probably assuming and extrapolating, etc & co…

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