Max Baucus “unlikely” to implement earmark disclosure on his committee’s bills. “That means that the Senate’s defense authorization, water resources and appropriations bills are expected to reveal earmark sponsors, while targeted tax and tariff breaks will stay veiled for now.”

Matt Singer examines Bill Mercer’s two jobs

Ed Kemmick gets to the heart of the legislature’s dispute over stream access.

Dave Neiwert comments on Mike Lange’s civility.

Sirota hassles the capitalists in Butte.

Arctic sea ice melting faster than predicted. Climate change deniers accuse North Pole of having a liberal bias.

The Sierra Club convenes a “climate brain trust” comprising experts from across the ideology spectrum to offer solutions to global warming.

What do conspiracy theorist cranks and the SCOTUS have in common on the issue of abortion? Digby: Neither will allow a woman to make “a decision she might later regret.” Next stop: women who have abortions are a danger to society.

Steve T links to Glenn Greenwald’s poignant post on the Israeli commission report that indicts Israeli leadership for bungling – and even for pursuing — its recent attack of Lebanon. Steve highlights the post to show how far removed militant Israel backers are from Israel itself in an obvious jab at a local blogger. I like the post because it shows an appropriate response of a functioning democracy to a failed war policy. (Jon Stewart’s take.)

Glenn Greenwald reacts to a Wall Street Journal op-ed calling for a “strong executive”: “The point here is not to spend much time arguing that Mansfield’s authoritarian cravings are repugnant to our political traditions. The real point is that Mansfield’s mindset is the mindset of the Bush movement, of the right-wing extremists who have taken over the Republican Party and governed our country completely outside of the rule of law for the last six years.”

House to look into voting machine glitches in 2006 FL-13 race.

When citizen activists bang up against political machines: Obama muscles into My Space.

jhwygirl is trying to get John Edwards to make an appearance in Missoula. I’d be into that! Edwards is right now my favorite of the Democratic candidates…

Mitt Romney just can’t win.

Wow. A National Review columnist suggested the only thing that might “save this country” from “degeneracy” is a military coup. Seriously folks, when the majority of Americans find your ideology abhorrent and useless, the answer is not forcefully imposing that ideology on us. Going away for a long rest is a better idea.

The fruit of politicizing the nation’s civil service: Interior Department official resigns for “altering scientific conclusions” and providing internal documents to lobbyists.

The Bush administration appoints a “food safety czar” to plug the holes in the administration-crippled FDA, just one Czar in a long string of Bush-appointed Czars. Weird, isn’t it? It’s like a team of little strong-arm bureaucratic dictators, as if the Bushies think a dictator is the most efficient way to get things done.

Plenty of prosecutor purge news today! Goodling’s in trouble for “screening attorneys for party affiliation”; a DoJ official tried to “bully fired prosecutors into silence”; the Senate Judiciary Committee wants Rove’s emails; no one knows who decided to fire the attorneys in dispute; Mercer’s in hot water; Timothy Griffin admitted the White House purposefully exploited the Patriot Act to install him as attorney without Senate approval; Lam testifies a DoJ official said she “would be gone” no matter what changes she made in the handling of cases, and the order came from the “highest levels of government”…

If Gonzo won’t resign, we should impeach him, says Frank Bowman.

The Pentagon cracks down military blogs.

Just after the announcement, Bush praises the military blogs, praises their effectiveness in allowing family members to communicate with soldiers overseas.

The Bush administration informs Congress it’s going ahead with warrantless wiretapping, laws be d*mned.

The White House launches its own investigation into the guy that exposed rampant fraud and waste among contractors in Iraq. This wouldn’t be politically motivated – like everything else the loyal Bushies do?

Russ Feingold on Bush vetoing the Iraqi funding bill: “No one else should die in Iraq to give political comfort to dealmakers in Washington.”

Meanwhile political lines shift in DC after the President’s veto of the Iraqi funding bill. Democrats regroup; Republicans drift away from their president.

Sidney Blumenthal traces Bush’s love for cowboy kitsch to torture at Abu Ghraib.

Bush: “I’m the commander guy.”

Nation’s liberals suffer from outrage fatigue.


  1. Big Swede

    More melting ice flows means our endangered whales can feed on polar bears.

  2. jhwygirl

    But what about the endangered polar bears Swede?

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