Missoula Rep. Kevin Furey’s being called to active duty. The Missoula County Democrats selected his father, Tim Furey, to sit in for him during the Legislature’s special session. Good luck to both father and son, and our wishes for Rep. Furey’s safety.

The Guv’s budget man, David Ewer, gives us a peek at some of the tax and budget legislation you can expect to see this weekend.

Sen. Jim Elliot (D-Trout Creek) and Rep. Gordon Hendrick (R-Superior) seek to explain to the The Clark Fork Chronicle and the Frenchtown School Board the reason for the Legislature’s gridlock.

Jon Tester profiled in Men’s Journal: “Montana’s Organic Farmer.”

Baucus: Hedge fund tax bill “nowhere in sight.” He’s not so wishy-washy on banning the AMT, though. Ugh.

You know why I won’t be supporting Hilary Clinton? Meet Mark Penn.

A reminder of why you pulled the little blue lever: House Democrats are proposing the restoration of habeas corpus. The New York Times: “There is nothing “conservative” or “tough on terrorism” in selectively stripping people of their rights. Suspending habeas corpus is an extreme notion on the radical fringes of democratic philosophy.”

Kossak Kagro X isn’t sure if the tendency of Congressional Republicans to use their wives as fronts for their corrupt operations is a sign of feminist progress, or simply traditional exploitation of women…

The ninth fired US attorney. (Steve Benen’s take.)

All right! This is more like it! Charges may result from attorney firings. Let’s hold these *sshats accountible.

Don’t eat pork. Or chicken. Or fish. Thanks, you “loyal Bushies,” for giving the treatment to the FDA.

Let’s see…Chevron gave Saddam Hussein illegal kickbacks in the infamous oil-for-food scam…and Condi Rice was on the board of directors at the time…

Let’s see…the administration wants to nominate Dell Dailey to the State Department post that’s responsible for coordinating international efforts to combat terror…only he was in charge of our country’s rendition program…a kidnapper…seems to me this is a no-brainer thumbs-down vote for the Senate.

Let’s see…Iraqi’s parliament signed a petition demanding US withdrawal from their country…um…why, exactly, are we there?

Let’s see…a former US military commander urges Congress to “act now to protect our fighting men and women” from the President’s failed strategy…so, um, why can’t we get enough votes to override Bush’s veto?

Michael Erickson managed to acquire an early copy of the schedule for the 2008 Democratic National Convention

Ed Kemmick touts the Butte Press Club meeting this weekend. All are invited to attend. I admit I’m tempted, but it’s hard to jet out of town for a weekend when there are toddlers around…

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