A shining night for Missoulians – war referendum to go to the voters.

by jhwygirl

In what might be described as an atypical city council meeting for the Garden City, Missoulians from both sides of the Iraqi war discussion filled city council chambers and waited patiently to let their voices be heard on one of the most contentious issues facing all Americans everywhere – continuation of the war in Iraq.

I watched from afar (gotta love MCAT), fearing that the whole meeting would deride into chaos, but my ingrained cynicism got the best of me last night. I was wrong. All speakers, including the council members, were civil, articulate, thoughtful, respectful and attentive. No boos or hisses, no one walking out of the meeting, no one getting assaulted in the hallway. Pretty amazing considering not only the history of regular Monday night council meetings, but the topic at hand.

I have to add here, to stand out on its own, that I was given new hope in the youth of today. I too often am dismissive of today’s MTV generation (or whatever they are called), and last night proved me wrong. I was mesmerized by the 20-somethings (and probably a few 18 and 19 year olds) that spoke eloquently about their right to be heard and the validity of a referendum and Councilman Bob Jaffe’s resolution. (Sven, I think I am in love.)

I believe the referendum gives Missoulians the opportunity to be heard in a more intimate manner – vote by vote.

More importantly, it opens up a forum for discussion on the Iraqi war itself – the validity, the value, the purpose, the cost. I think the coming discussion will make all Missoulians more aware of the war in an every day, every hour, every minute manner – something that is missing in all of the ‘war’ talk.

Americans go on their merry ways, while soldiers are shipped daily to a war built on a lie, and bolstered still by even more lies. American soldiers die daily, yet at home, Americans head down to the Walmart to buy their stuff. Soldiers are maimed and brought home without limbs while we fill our tanks with the very stuff that is the real reason why we are over there fighting people who have done us no harm. Saddam is gone, hanged, and yet there is absolutely no end in sight. His own Sunni supporters are in positions of power.

The Iraq war is not the Afghanistan war. It is not a war against the terrorists that attacked us on September 11, 2001. A separation needs to be drawn – loud and clear – between Iraq and Afghanistan. Too many blur that line, including the Bush administration. Even today, with all that is know, that line is still blurred. It has to end.

I look forward to the discussion to come. War is unpleasant – and people need to be reminded of it every day. We will be living with reminders of the Iraqi war’s unpleasantness for decades to come, as its soldiers return to live the lives they so richly deserve. We can not and should not waive off any discussion of so important a ‘divisive issue’. It brings shame to the heroes who serve this country so proudly.

The soldiers and their families who have sacrificed and are sacrificing so much deserve this conversation. All of America should be so lucky.

  1. James

    Silly girl stuff. Soldiers like war. That’s why they volunteer for it. That, and the chance to get away from silly girls.

  2. I’ll be sure to let that silly Army veteran-of-the-Iraqi-war girl friend and coworker know what you said.

    I’m sure she will appreciate it.

  3. James

    By any measure, historical or functional, girls cannot be “soldiers.” They never have been and never will be. The girl-as-soldier is just another politically correct farce, not much different than homosexuals being “married.”

  4. Amy

    That’s just not true! Demi Moore was a soldier once and before that she was a naval officer.

  5. Look, jhwygirl! You can tell you wrote a good post b/c of all the rubbish that washed up in the comments!

    Girls cannot be “soldiers”? Tell that to Lydmila Pavlichenko, who killed over 300 German soldiers in WWII.

  6. James

    Jay Stevens– Citing Communist propaganda from WW II does a lot for your credibility. Talk about rubbish washing up!

    PS: Apparently, girls can’t run a blog either—without some male help!

  7. petetalbot

    Perhaps James was weaned a little too early. He undoubtedly has some deep-seated issues with women.

  8. James

    No issues, Mr. Sidewalk Psychologist. I am just rational and practical enough to understand the proper place of women in society, unlike you, apparently. (And, please, do your breastfeeding in private!)

  9. My thoughts exactly pete….

  10. matguy

    No guesses on weaning or sidewalk psychology here, James, but if you truly believe what you’ve written here, you are most certainly a colossal jerk.

  11. James's Mother

    James, come home so I can finish weaning you and you can go on to have normal relationships with girls.

  12. James/Amy obviously has issues. They are one in the same.

  13. James

    Interesting how know-it-all liberals, when confronted with propositions they cannot refute, fall back on infantile name calling. Or is that more a girl thing?

  14. I admit it’s hard to argue against your logic, James. Mainly because it’s completely grounded in fantasy. Good luck with that.

  15. matguy

    There is a difference between name calling and being called out for your behavior. And your behavior in this forum via your comments here, James, identifies you as a colossal jerk. Sexism and homophobia have no place within modern conservative or liberal idealogies. Those things are all your own, yours to bear and yours to be identified with. Don’t try to turn it into politics.

  16. James

    (matguy– Consider yourself lucky that the cowards who run this site keep deleting my respones to your pinhead comments.)

  17. Sorry, James. A certain level of discourse is required here at 4&20 b’birds. You are, of course, encourage to get your own blog if you don’t like the rules.

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