Toasty out there

by Pete Talbot

MISSOULA, Mont., July 5, 2007 – A record 102 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Missoulian, breaking the old record by five degrees.

Hot enough for all you neocon naysayers, Libertarian hacks and corporate whores who deny global warming?

Sure, sure – one day of extreme heat isn’t proof. But there’s other news in today’s paper, like the announcement that fire season is here. That’s three weeks ahead of normal, according to a Montana DNR spokesman.

And swimmer’s itch, the pesky little parasite that gets under your skin, has arrived.

“The weather’s a lot hotter this year,” said a Flathead City-County Health Department worker, “and the water’s heating up sooner.” Ergo an early outbreak.

Now I’m not going to get into a tit-for-tat with the officious Libertarians down at the think tanks in Bozeman. They’ll claim global warming is some kind of natural cycle, if they acknowledge its existence at all. It certainly isn’t human caused and even if it is, there’s nothing to be done about it.

I love that sort of “can’t do” philosophy.

I know I should be doing more about it, personally. Riding my bike (I did that yesterday and started sweating like a pig in a down jacket). Being more energy efficient at home. Traveling less for business and pleasure – that one’s really going to hurt. And the list goes on.

But where’s the national mandate? I’m going to need a little help here since, like most Americans, I don’t want to radically change my lifestyle.

So, where is the energy-efficient mass transit? Or the big push for conservation or solar? Why are we still burning coal? Or planning our communities with longer-and-longer commutes?

I realize that our current national leadership doesn’t give a rat’s *ss about this issue. Let’s hope that changes.

‘Cause today (July 6) is supposed to be even hotter – could break all records – and without some major energy, transportation and planning policy shifts, it’s only the beginning.

Stay cool.


  1. Rocky Smith

    It’s getting hotter on Mars too. Maybe you can get some legislation passed to stop that too? Must be SUV’s? Natural cycles don’t exist? Everything is man’s fault?
    I don’t deny that the Earth is getting warmer- only that it isn’t all man’s fault. The sun has cycles. Did you know that? We may have some impact, but people like you act as though we are the sole cause. I submit that things could continue to heat up even if you removed all humans from the planet today.
    Also- the fire season might be worse this year due to a COOL and WET spring causing grass to grow thick and high. Nature will do as it likes despite anything you do. Panic on though.

  2. Rocky Smith – I’ve removed your last sentence. You are free to disagree with anyone, but you are required to do it in a civil manner. If you can’t do that, you will not be able to post.

    As an aside, using language in that manner only serves to demean your point of view.

  3. Gman

    But, jhwygirl, it’s OK to say “Hot enough for all you neocon naysayers, Libertarian hacks and corporate whores who deny global warming?”

    Neocon naysayers is innocuous. Libertarian hacks? Corporate whores? Little lowbrow don’t you think.

    Oh yeah, Pete, your mentality is amazing. Go see my posts on energy over at Mtpolitics. The key to future energy alternatives are the end of corporatism and a free market in the innovation of energy alternatives. And, here you are talking about statist mandates to do this and do that. You assume the gov’t knows better. Hayek called that “pretense of knowledge.” Bureaucrats hardly know better…

  4. None of Pete’s comments were personally directed to any one person.

    I won’t go into your house and call you names, and I’ll expect the same from all who come into this house.

    Can we agree on that, Gman?

  5. Gman

    Obviously, I don’t know exactly what Rocky said, but still seems like a double standard. And, does it matter whether Pete’s comment was directed at a specific person? His flippant name-calling is directed at me! Corporate WHORES is likely directed at anyone who believes a profit-seeking corporation is a legitimate entity.

    It would be nice if people like Pete would simply stick to their point and dispense with the name-calling — direct or indirect. It just detracts from whatever message — convoluted though it is — he is trying to get across.

  6. petetalbot

    Sometimes I get a little too passionate about the global warming issue. I worry about what kind of world we’re leaving our grandchildren and it pains me when corporate lobbyists and right-wing think tanks repute climate change findings advanced by the vast majority of scientists.

    It also pains me to do this: I apologize. My second paragraph is a little harsh. (It did have nice alliteration, though, don’t you think?)

    The main point I was trying to make is that government does have a role in reducing global warming. Perhaps it’s in partnership with business or an advocacy campaign or leading by example… Government certainly participates in many other aspects of our lives: health issues, agriculture, infrastructure, the military, etc. American citizens such as myself need more and better alternatives to status quo energy, transportation and planning policies, and the private sector needs more encouragement to develop products to meet our needs.

    The other point I was trying to make is that it’s damn hot out there.

  7. Hot Joke

    Say, does the climatology girl think that global warming ruined Al Gore’s concert? Ha ha ha….

  8. Pete Talbot

    Yo, Hot Joke. I’m not sure I get the drift of your post but:
    1) You should direct your comments to me. Jhwygirl was kind enough to edit out some of the more scurrilous responses posted about me and my content. However, I alone am responsible for the global warming piece above.
    2) I heard that the concerts were a big success.

  9. Hot Joke

    Say, does the climatology guy think that global warming ruined Al Gore’s concert?

    Is that better, Pete?

    So you HEARD Al hit the big time with his “Lame Earth Concert,” as one wag called it? That’s not what I READ. (I don’t stream audio!) Reports from the BBC indicate their Prince Diana show booked four times as many viewers. Oooh, talk about “awarness”!

    Back in the USA:

    Viewers don’t warm up to ‘Live Earth’ coverage
    By Paul J. Gough
    July 10, 2007

    NEW YORK — NBC’s three-hour primetime “Live Earth” special, which included highlights from Saturday’s global concerts, failed to generate much enthusiasm in the ratings.

    The estimated 2.7 million viewers was slightly under the 3 million viewers NBC has averaged on Saturday nights in the summer with repeats and the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs on what is already the least-popular night of television.

    It also performed below the Live 8 concert two years ago, according to preliminary estimates released Monday by Nielsen Media Research.

    The three-hour concert special from Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., drew a 0.9 rating/3 share in adults 18-49 — the same as a typical summer Saturday after Memorial Day.


    And note this, Pete: Nielsen counted any viewer who watched AT LEAST 6 minutes of Al’s debacle. That’s a fairly high pain threshold, wouldn’t you say? Ha ha ha….

    So here’s the joke you didn’t get: It was too damn hot around the world to watch a concert; ergo, global warming ruined Al Gore’s concert! Get it now??

  10. Rocky Smith

    If I said something so bad it made someone cry, I appologize. I don’t recall saying anything that provocative, but if I did- sorry.
    The global concert was a big success Pete? You seem to look at things with a filtered view. Maybe you should watch news from a variety of sources. I don’t watch only Fox news. I look at CNN, CBS, NBC and others. That way I’m not simply seeing the conservative view (even though there are a few libs on Fox). The converse might work for you as well. Just a thought.

  11. Hot Joke – misogynistic comments will get you banned.

    You are warned.

  12. Ted

    “The sun is hotter” lie spread by the oil industry’s propoganda monkeys, trickling down to the susceptible, has been debunked. Just another waste of time.

    Also, Mars has a very erratic orbit that leads it closer to the sun then further away, affecting its climate. The Earth, however, has a very stable orbit. Yes, the Earth orbits the sun, not vice-versa. Also, in case you forgot, it is not flat.

    It must be a sad existence to be a tool for the oil industry. At least the flacks get paid well, but the parrots do it for free.

  13. For a more thorough and completely scientific examination of “global warming on Mars,” see this post on RealClimate. In short, they’re not even sure there’s climate change occuring on Mars.

    And for a good link presenting the facts about the sun’s involvement in climate change, check out the report from the Max Planck Institute. In short, there’s been no noticible increase in the sun’s irridation since about 1940.

    So, in short, Ted is absolutely spot-on when he says those claims are garbage.

  14. Ed Kemmick

    I know it’s hard to believe that “Hot Joke” would selectively quote from an article, but here’s part of what he failed to include from the cited article:

    “In all, users streamed 30 million videos of Live Earth concert footage on MSN live and on-demand as of Monday morning, said Rob Bennett, GM of entertainment, video and sports at MSN.

    “Bennett also said that with 237,000 users logged on around midday Saturday, MSN’s Live Earth webcast broke the record for most simultaneous viewers of an online entertainment event. The previous record was 175,000 streaming users for Live 8 on AOL.”

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