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by jhwygirl

At Monday nights council meeting, one of the more mundane tasks was accepting 2 bits of open space from the Pleasant View subdivision (over behind Home Depot) as city parks.

Pleasant View was reviewed in the County some time ago, with expectations that it would be annexed to the city. Jackie Corday, City parks and open space coordinator, noted that City Parks was very involved from the beginning with the subdivision, knowing that the open spaced required of the subdivision would later become part of the City Parks system.

So when the innocuous feel-good item appeared on the agenda, surely it would be a simple one-two approval.

And while the wording “detention pond” was utilized in the meeting, apparently the Missoulian doesn’t know what that means. Their article on Tuesday identifies it merely as a ‘pond’. Sounds peachy, right?

The ‘pond’ is a glorified 2.7 acre ditch, immediately adjacent to busy Flynn Lane, and is part of an engineering regulation that requires all storm-water runoff to be detained on-site. Most of the time it is and will be dry. Frankly, I’ve never seen water it it – but I don’t drive that way often, either. I do know, though, what it is – and what it certainly isn’t is usable park space.

So while the presentation was going, and a map was shown, all I could ask was “why in the world are we taking a huge 2.7 acre ditch as a city park?!

Why in the world is an infrastructure requirement considered open space anyways? Especially when it is probably 4 feet deep by maybe 20 foot wide and runs the length of the Flynn Lane frontage? What real type of activity is going to take place in that?

But the plan to accept the detention pond as a City Park was laid well in advance of Monday nights City Council meeting. Councilperson Stacy Rye, though, seemed to be the only one who remembered that what was being proposed as a new city park (proposed to be accepted as a city park, actually) was a detention pond. And she asked politely asked Ms. Corday, after her 10 minute or so presentation, about “that detention pond” during the Q&A from city council.


The answer was muddled, but it went something like this – ‘We agreed way back when this subdivision was approved that we’d take this…and the Homeowners Association didn’t want to take care of it anymore.’

Well, that sure is a good reason. I don’t want to cut the grass in my yard – maybe City Parks wants that too?

To its credit, City Parks did manage to get one good park out of the deal – a 5.37 acre park, centrally located, which awaits topsoil, irrigation and seeding. The developer is installing that, BTW.


But really – do we have to be sooo pro-development that we accept infrastructure detention ponds as open space and city parks?

by jhwygirl

This is cross-posted at MontanaNetroots.

Governor Brian Schweitzer announced yesterday that he will be directing that the flag be lowered to half-mast when a Montana member of the Armed Forces is killed in the line of duty.

On June 29th, Congress signed into law the Army Specialist Joseph P. Micks Federal Flag Code Amendment Act of 2007, which authorizes the Governor of any state, territory or possession of the U.S. to order that the flag be flown at half-mast when a soldier from that state, territory or possession is killed.

Schweitzer has ordered that flags be flown at half-mast two days prior and until dusk on the day of service for any Montana Armed Forces member. “Our soldiers deserve no less than one of our nation’s highest honors, flying the flag at half-mast.”

I know many of us in the Montana blogosphere have pondered why the flag isn’t flown at half-mast when a soldier is killed. I know that it has been done in the hometown of the deceased soldier.

While I am glad the our Governor has acted so quickly to act on the Congressional act – it will be a sad day when it has to be implemented.

Discuss the war – end the war. Now.

Support the City of Missoula War Referendum.

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