Who’s behind this?

by Pete Talbot

There’s no disclaimer or mention of who’s responsible for the event. And it’s the second quarter-page ad I’ve seen in the Missoulian for Commissioner Barbara Evans’ retirement party.

Someone has deep pockets. Those ads don’t come cheap nor does renting space at the Double Tree (that’s where the event is going to be, 5:30-8 p.m., Thursday, August 30, public invited).

I called some folks at the county courthouse and they’re not sure who’s behind it, although they say it isn’t the county. Missoula County is throwing a little going-away soiree, also today, after the swearing in of new County Commissioner Larry Anderson, but on a much smaller scale.

I got along reasonably well with Ms. Evans during her tenure at the commission. I would have liked to have seen more long-range county planning and more focus on growth issues from her. A better grasp of Missoula’s transportation problems would have been nice, too. (I remember her famous quote about being proud to drive her car from the county courthouse to the Bon [now Macy’s] when she wanted to go shopping.)

Evans did provide some pork for the county — much of it in the form of asphalt and concrete — so I imagine there are a few people in that industry who want to show their thanks.

Also, lately she’s been canonized on the editorial pages and by community leaders for her long service to the county. This retirement party must be an extension of that tribute.

I’ve got no problem with friends and associates wanting to throw a Barb bash, I’m just curious who’s behind it all.

  1. Probably not George Soros.

  2. According to the ad, “Us” is sponsoring this event. Perhaps “Us” is related to the proverbial “They”. Or at least that’s what “They” say.

  3. bfnk

    i know this isn’t related to the above post, but i think it’s an interesting video that illustrates how out of touch montana’s republicans are with montana.

    rep sinrud (r-bozeman) essentially saying we should let montana’s houses burn down.

  4. Thanks bfunk – This is the first I’ve seen of that because I’ve been out fighting fires so it’s good to know the support I have from the republican side of the legislature.

    Hmmmm….wonder just exactly where Sinrud lives?

  5. Ed Childers

    Back to my friend Barbara, who helped me get started in this City Council business and has endorsed me once again,
    Who is Us?
    Ooh! ooh! ooh! I bet it know!
    But I ain’t tellin’!
    Wife and I went to the party, had a good time, sat with Mr. & Mrs. Commissioner Larry Anderson, listened to fine speeches from Republicans and Democrats who’ve worked with Barbara over the years. She has good reason to call herself a RepubliCrat, she’s done a lot of good as an advocate for business (the development park near the airport) and higher-density housing and for open spaces and for environmental sfuff (think Milltown Dam).
    Barbara done good.

  6. Heh. So much for that tempest in a tea collander.

    Next? Oh Sinrud, right…

  7. petetalbot

    It wasn’t much of a tempest, Carol. As I said a couple of times in the above piece, I was just curious who shelled out the bucks for the Missoulian ads and Double Tree rental. I still don’t know, probably never will.

    Sinrud’s “let ’em burn” comment, on the other hand, is turning into a story. Lots of media on and offline, plus over two hundred hits on You Tube (to date).

  8. noodly appendage

    “Second, nearly all the fire fighting effort is directed towards protecting homes that are out in the middle of nowhere. I.e. sprawl. Should we be risking fire fighters’ lives to save some person’s poorly located home? We need to zone against building in the “fire plain” just like we zone against building in the flood plain. Those who choose to build outside of towns are on their own–taxpayers shouldn’t be paying our dollars to save their homes because of their poor choices. ”

    George Wuerthner
    Eugene and Livingston Montana
    The writer is author of Wildfire–A Century of Failed Forest Policy

    Quoted from New West
    George is a Montanan, and no Republican

    John Sinrud lives IN a town; wonder no longer.

  9. Sinrud’s “let ‘em burn” comment, on the other hand, is turning into a story.

    Google doesn’t turn up much except YouTube and blogs. Guess the Lee papers didn’t get the memo.

  10. petetalbot

    “Guess the Lee papers didn’t get the memo.” Why I’m shocked, Carol (see my latest post on Stimson).

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