Editing comments

by jhwygirl

Call it what you will, but as promised, I have and will continue to edit comments that use personal attacks such as name-calling. They add nothing and beget further name calling.

I let one go the other day – bothered me – and it occurred again tonight, by someone else.

Neither added substance. Both comments are edited.

Flame away as you desire – at me. I’ve even given everyone an easy place to do it.

  1. Cris

    You’re doing the right thing.

    First, you’re only editing out the inappropriate language, not deleting the entire comment, so you’re allowing the person’s arguments to remain in the conversation.

    Second, you are indicating where you make the edit. It’s the equivalent of a “bleep” on a primetime TV broadcast of an R-Rated movie. We still see that the epithet was there, but its absence makes it easier to move past it.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Wasn’t me. I’ve been a good boy.

  3. ayn rand

    I agree and I’m the one bleeped. I should be able to keep my anger from overstepping my typing finger. Will try to be more appropriate from now on!

  4. noodly appendage

    Call me noodly.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    OK, noodly, as in limp as a noodle. Appendage, as is Dick, cheney. Put’em togehter and whaddaya get? Limp dick! That’d be you, pal.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    How long do ya think THAT post will last? Come on, Jgirl. He asked for it!

  7. Oh for crying out loud! Larry!

    I think you are on the losing end of this one Larry – and I’m thinking I’m gonna leave that one up until noodly asks otherwise.

    What am I? A babysitter?

  8. noodly appendage

    I’ve always said Larry adds nothing to the conversation but puerile name calling. It’s too easy when he just steps up and proves the point.

    Leave the post up. It might just be the most original, valuable, and perspicacious post he’s ever made, anywhere.

  9. Larry definitely adds to the conversation – he knows what he’s talking about – what is problematic with any post (which prompted this piece, BTW) is that the delivery sometimes overshadows the content.

    Your comment illustrates exactly that. Generally speaking (you might not agree with this particular example), people can’t get past the ‘muck’ to hear the substance.


  10. noodly appendage

    I’d say he detracts from the conversation, and that he adds no substance, and that his post above is exactly the proof of my point.

    What is the essence of his post other than personal attack and animosity, and why is that valuable in our discussions here?

  11. His post above is not what I was referring to noodly – generally, Larry can add to the conversation, in between the CAPITAL letters and obscenity and near-obscenities – and that is what I felt you might not agree….

    I will remove the post at your request. Leaving it, though, does serve some value to the conversation at hand – and not in the sense of a personal attack against you either. If I thought that, it’d be gone.

    I guess – this might surprise you – I am to some degree agreeing with your previous comment.

  12. noodly appendage

    I’m NEVER surprised when people agree with me. ;-)

  13. I don’t have a problem with removing troll comments. For instance, I believe our pal Crosstown Traffic commented on this entry a few days ago (different fake name, same IP address). His post was juvenile and meant to be hurtful and I deleted it. Perhaps I should have left it as an example of what we’re talking about.

    However, if someone generally makes comments that are relevant to our discussions, and they let their temper and/or sense of humor get out of hand once in a while I think we should keep the offending post.

  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Noodly, boy howdy!, but did you expose yourself over at Ed Kemmick’s blog. I seriously doubt that there’s much left that I could say that could damage your credibility. You done’er your DAMN self! You’re bout right up there with dave arye!

  15. noodly appendage

    Thanks, I’m fine with being there with Dave Rye, although he and I only agree about half the time, and although he’s taking his lumps right now for a rash observation. Like Ed, I’d say the time to stand up for the guy is now when he’s down.

    You’ve never been able to damage my credibility, Larry, but you continue to do damage to your own.

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