Baucus and Tester vote on Iraq, redux

by Pete Talbot

If I seem to be obsessed with the recent Senate votes on the Iraq War, who can blame me? After all, the Pentagon just asked Congress for another $190 billion in war funding.

I wrote about earlier votes a couple days ago. Here are the latest:

The Biden (D-DE ) Amendment is one of those non-binding things. Its statement of purpose: “to express the sense of Congress on federalism in Iraq.” In other words, to give the thumbs up to dividing Iraq into three separate states: Shiite, Sunni and Kurd.

It passed 75-23 with Baucus and Tester voting with the majority. The amendment was another small step in trying to figure a way out of this catastrophe — this time by divvying up a sovereign nation. Jon and Max did the right thing, though, along with a lot of Republicans from across the aisle.  They, too, are saying this war is screwed up … and they’re trying to figure out what to do.

On the Kyl (R-AZ) Amendment, Baucus voted “yea” and Tester “nay.” The amendment was to “express the sense of the Senate regarding Iran.” In other words — saber rattling. It passed 76-22 with Tester voting in the minority. Jon’s vote reaffirms why progressives worked so hard to get him elected. Max … well, what can I say.

Afghanistan, Iraq and now, Iran. Some of our senators have short memories.


  1. express the sense of the Senate

    Is that one of those oxymorons, like jumbo shrimp or military intelligence? There is no sense in the Senate these days. Just look at the hoopla over an ad in a newspaper. As if ads ever killed anyone.

    On second thought, maybe the Senate should vote on a resolution against Bitterroot Motors’ “steak or beans sale” ads. Why should those poor employees be subjected to forced consumption of artery-clogging high fat meat products?

  2. Ayn Rand

    Yup, makes about as much sense as voting on the Iraq resolution this fall in Missoula. But the military and America haters will sleep better at night, providing they have someone to protect them from evil.

  3. petetalbot

    Speaking of not making much sense, Ayn; take a look at your own post. Try this: “The haters of both the military and America will sleep better …”

  4. Ayn Rand

    couldn’t have been to bad…you got it

  5. The Rule

    Liberal Blogger Axiom #8: When you cannot find anything in your opponent’s argument to criticize, criticize his grammar or spelling.

  6. Conservative Commenter Axiom #1: When you share your opinions, always stand behind your beliefs and use a fake name and a fake e-mail address.

  7. The Rule

    Conservative Commenter Axiom #2: Failure to follow Axiom #1 will result in the creepy liberal blog operator looking up your address, telephone number and e-mail address, which she will then publish so that all her creepy liberal friends will send you anonymous threats in the mail, call your home late at night and maybe even show up at your front door.

  8. You know, if that’s what floats your boat, all you had to do was ask politely.

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