What’s Ward 6 candidate Lewie Schneller hiding from?

by jhwygirl

It’s not like we didn’t notice him there in the GOP annual picnic photos Missoulapolis linked to in this post, back on September 12th.

Seems like they’ve taken that photo out, though.

Wonder how long it will be before his name is removed from her post – which, for posterity, currently says:

We had perfect weather, great turnout, interesting talk. Special guests included Congressman Denny Rehberg, Secretary of State Brad Johnson, Public Service Commissioner Doug Mood, City Councilmen Dick Haines and John Hendrickson, County Commissioner Larry Anderson, and Ward 6 candidate Lewie Schneller.


But wait! Google to the rescue!


  1. laurel

    I`m confused. I thought lewie was a democrat. His flyer he left at my house said that, i`m sure of it.

  2. petetalbot

    It can be confusing, Laurel. Since the city went to nonpartisan elections, there’s no process in place to weed out the posers. If it helps, the Missoula County Democrats endorsed Ed Childers in Ward 6.

  3. noodly appendage

    “Weed out the posers”.

    In this case, apparently, “The posers” are those who think for themselves.

    The idea that you wouldn’t vote for a candidate because they went to the other party’s picnic is absurd and anti-democratic.

    Take the time to learn the individuals you are choosing between instead of listening to partisan hacks. It’s their kind of thinking that gets us the national results we have right now and the partisan bickering we saw in the state legislature.

    Take the time to make city politics different, and better.

  4. I confess! I realized how much it hurt Schneller to be associated with us and took it down. Oh my God, it’s the Mark of Cain…

    I only put it up because it was one of the better photos and he’s not bad to look at either for an older dude.

    Now, as Pete can attest, back before nonpartisan elections everyone om in these wards ran as Democrats – old labor dems and New Party “progressive” dems. So you had the same problem, no?

    There’s just not enough ideological purity in this town.

  5. Other than our site, Carol, who else saw the photo of Lewie at the G.O.P. picnic and thought it really hurt him?

  6. Carol – I, too, got a Lewie flier. He calls himself a “Labor Democrat” (and an Entrepreneur too!)

    Now – a few things have perplexed me. Once he showed up on the Missoula GOP site, I thought: “Why lie about his party affiliation?” I mean, is he not proud of it? Why be purposely deceitful? Keeping in mind, also, that he didn’t show up at the local Democratic endorsement party.

    If he were truly non-partisan, he would have gone and had a nice little speech to chastise them on why what they were doing was wrong. He was invited as I hear it.

    So now the picture has come down – someone decided – you? Lewie? Others? Group decision? – and that, too, seems to me to indicate that he clearly has some political agenda that he doesn’t want to be associated with.

    It seems dishonest – I can’t think of any other way to look at it.

  7. Ed Childers

    Fine picture of Lewie.
    Missoula city politics is nonpartisan. I have support from both Democrats and (some) Republicans.
    Political parties are, not surprisingly, partisan.
    Democrats invited all candidates to a candidate forum. I attended. Lewie did not.
    Pachyderms invited all candidates to a lunch forum of sorts. I attended. Lewie attended. Republicans had Lewie as a “special guest” at their picnic. I wasn’t invited.
    If Lewie says he’s a Democrat then fine, he’s a Democrat. That’s fine with me. It would be nice if Lewie would do some things that Democrats do. And maybe say some things that Democrats say.
    If Republicans think Lewie is a great fit with Republican politics, then fine, Republicans can endorse him.
    Some Republicans have told me they object to the Democrats endorsing anybody, but I think making Lewie a Special Guest at their picnic (and not inviting me) seems to be some form of party endorsement.
    Many of the people who are supporting Lewie today supported me in the past, and helped me get elected the first time to Council when I was the Lesser of Two Evils. Now they like Lewie’s “Just Always Say No” campaign far better than my “Let’s Keep Getting A Little Better Every Day” campaign. So it goes.

  8. I never saw Lewie at any Republican function before he came to Pachyderm with Ed, and I made the sole decision to take Lewie’s photo down, since I took it and put it up there in the first place.

    It looks like more Democrats visit missoulagop.org than Republicans.

    And, girl, just so’s you know, plenty of the older and former Democrats in this town have not been happy with what happened to their party since it was co-opted by the remnants of the New Party.

  9. I seriously have no idea of what this “New Party” is about.

    But I’ll put it out there, because you and the rest in your party seem to use it as the ultimate weapon against people like Denver Henderson.

    And I bet Denver was in grade school when the so-called New Party was in action.

    I’ll ask here in an effort to get an unfiltered view of what it was all about.

  10. petetalbot

    I was a member of the New Party in its heyday. Proud of it. I’m probably the only “remnant of the New Party” who is currently active in the Missoula County Democrats — no executive board members, precinct committeemen or women serving now, that I’m aware of, were in the New Party.

    To say that the Missoula County Democrats have been “co-opted” is disingenuous. That’s putting it nicely.

    And if these so called “older and former Democrats” aren’t happy with the current party makeup, then they should run for precinct committeeman or woman (although it’s probably easier for them to just whine).

    Finally, with Lewie quoting George H. W. Bush’s “no new taxes” mantra in the Missoulian, you gotta wonder about the guy’s politics. Perhaps the reason he’s calling himself a Democrat in his literature is because it’s damn hard to get elected in most wards in this town if you call yourself a Republican.

  11. girl, I realize you haven’t been around here very long. I don’t know who called Denver Henderson a New Party member – It wasn’t me. And I know the NP went poof in 1997 when they lost their supreme court case.

  12. So the New Party was a large movement – throughout the U.S., and all they were basically doing was trying to start a multi-party system in the United States?

    I don’t think that sounds very evil to me.

    At least that’s what I get outta the stuff at wikipedia.

  13. edchilders

    The wiki on the New Party seems pretty good.
    The New Party wasn’t a liberal wing of the Democratic Party, it was a separate political party. They advocated “fusion,” which was kind of a take-whatever-you-can-get methodology. I never took the time to understand it.
    As I remember, the NP was happy to move in wherever local Democrats or Republicans were weak enough to let them take over. Missoula had a Democratic Central Committee like that.
    The NP had young, energetic, motivated members (remember that, Pete?!!).
    My gripe with the NP was that they were posing as Democrats. Seemed unfair to me. Didn’t bother them. I don’t know if any of their social ideas were outside the Democrats’ realm.
    The New Party members (surely not all of them but very much some of them) were abrasive and outspoken and not inclusive; they got Democrats mad at them and Republicans mad at them, so now they stand for all that’s bad in politics in Missoula. That’s Kind of like having PNC’s stand for all that’s bad in housing in Missoula. There may be no relationship between either symbol to what it’s been associated with.
    As for that crack about “so called “older and former Democrats””, hey, I’m still here!

  14. So NP members were posing as Democrats?

    Maybe Lewie is a New Party remnant also?

  15. For a party that went “poof” ten years ago, you’d think everyone would have gotten over the partisan rancor and moved on by now. But as they say, elephants have long memories.

  16. Forget the past, this post shows clearly what is wrong TODAY with current day liberal-progressives running Missoula city government.

    You won’t let an honest, decent DEMOCRAT speak at a political event that doesn’t fit your litmus test. Instead you vilify the man and question his convictions.

    Your “party” didn’t even consult the other Democrats running in the different Wards before you made your endorsements. These endorsements are not representative of who most mainstream Democrats support. They are hand-picked folks that won’t deviate from the far left liberal-progressive line.

    The Scoop supports Democrats, Independents and Republicans running for council. They don’t all share the same political philosophy, but they do want to return public responsiveness and balance to our City Council.

    Can any of you say the same?

  17. petetalbot

    Scoop’s definition of mainstream, a word he bandies about often, is people who believe as he does.

    A quick tour of his site and his idea of what “mainstream” is:
    -we’re winning the war in Iraq
    -Montanans made a mistake when they didn’t re-elect Conrad Burns
    -union leadership is what’s costing our mill workers their jobs
    -UM employees are overpaid
    -the Missoulian has a “liberal-progressive” bias
    -our fears over global warming are “irrational”

    Those are just a few of the mainstream gems over at Scoop Montana.

    By the way, precinct committeemen and women (they’re the folks who are elected every two years to represent their precinct at the party level) endorsed the candidates after a lengthly Q and A on the issues. Now that sounds pretty “mainstream” to me.

    And Lewie? Yeah, I question his convictions. He doesn’t come to the Democrats’ forum but goes to the Republican picnic and then says he’s a Democrat on his literature.

    What’s wrong with Ed Childers, anyway? He’s about as mainstream a candidate as you can get. He and I have disagreed on a number of issues (me being to the left of Ed) but I believe the Democrats endorsed him because of his sense of fair play, experience, hard work … and the fact that he’s a decent guy.

  18. Pete – in traditional fashion, your tour of my site only took you to the posts you needed to prove a lop-sided point. I can’t dispute what you list, except that I never wrote UM employees are overpaid, I just said that on average statistics show they are not horribly underpaid when compared to other Montanans.

    But what you don’t mention is that I support folks and issues like John Engen, Max Baucus, increasing the minimum wage, increasing affordable housing, and preserving the environment of Western Montana.

    But back to the issue at hand: what balance do you show?

    I’m interested about your stance on Justin Armintrout, a traditional Democrat running in the Rattlesnake? He couldn’t attend your forum due to a conflict; a typical response since candidates had less than a weeks notice to attend your “lengthy Q and A”.

    Your “party” promised to place your endorsement on hold until you interviewed him.

    The Scoop is dying to know – did you ever following up with Mr. Armintrout? And if so, where do you stand on his candidacy?

  19. petetalbot

    I stand corrected. What Scoop said was “employees and administrators at UM appear to be paid just fine” and “Montanans are tired of hearing about how higher education employees are not paid enough.”

    Good question about the Armintrout endorsement. I don’t happen to run the local Democratic Party but I’ll send some emails and make some calls, and try to find out what’s happening.

  20. petetalbot

    This just in from the Missoula County Democrats Treasurer, Dave Kendall:

    “The Party is scheduled to hear Justin and consider an endorsement on Oct. 7.
    This will be our first regular meeting since the August meeting where we heard and endorsed the other candidates. We don’t normally meet in August. The August meeting was in lieu of a September meeting. (September’s meeting happened to fall on primary night.)”

  21. See, Scoop? There’s no great conspiracy to deny Justin a chance to appear before the tribunal.

    Whoops! Did I just give away a “party” secret? And what’s with the quotation marks around the word “party” anyway, Scoop? Christ, you’d think we hold super secret meetings, the simplest details of which are completely unavailable to the public, just like those other loyal “party” members Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

  22. You are right Rebecca, I applaud you for reviewing his application less than a month before the election rather than waiting until election night.

    How noble and open.

    You lost me on the Bush-Cheney thing.

  23. Well actually, Scoop, I’m not a member of the Democratic Party. I’m not a member of any political party. But thanks for assuming I have more power behind the political scene in Missoula than I actually do. I must give off an impressive aura.

    The Bush-Cheney reference was a joke that apparently went over like the proverbial lead balloon. It was about your assumptions, party procedure, the President and Vice President’s need for control, and supposedly secret political meetings not being confined to one side of the partisan aisle.

    Really, things aren’t as sinister as you’d like to make them out to be.

  24. petetalbot

    CORRECTION — We’ll chalk this up to operator error. The Democrats will be meeting Tuesday, Oct. 9, 7 p.m. in City Council Chambers, 140 W. Pine St., to discuss the Armintrout endorsement, among other things. An earlier comment had the date as Oct. 7. As Maxwell Smart would say, “sorry about that, chief” (boy, am I dating myself here).

  25. You are right Rebecca, I applaud you for reviewing his application less than a month before the election rather than waiting until election night.

    Actually, Scoop, the MCDs had a standing and open invitation to do a Q&A forum with Justin, only he hadn’t bothered to contact the party until recently.

    Justin didn’t do the original meeting because he was out of town. I’ll let you explain why a candidate for city council would schedule a trip during the campaign season.

    In short, the MCDs have bent over backwards to accommodate Justin. Any and all delays with the endorsement lie with the candidate alone.

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