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by Rebecca Schmitz

My sitemate, Jay, wrote an excellent post today on Left in the West about Trevis Butcher’s running afoul–yet again–of Montana’s election laws because his financial backers don’t want to reveal themselves. There’s a side story to the legal woes of Butcher’s group, Montanans in Action, in both the Missoulian and the Billings Gazette. Apparently this most recent investigation has cramped Butcher’s style:

Trevis Butcher, the group’s treasurer, said the investigation and ensuing legal battle have prevented MIA from carrying out the plans that would show it’s more than just a campaign-fund conduit…Those plans would cost about $1 million a year, the group said in court documents filed last week. They include the talk radio show, investigative reporting on “limited government and property rights issues,” gathering information on “abuses of eminent-domain and private-property rights” in Montana, and comparing the cost of government services to private-sector providers.

Great! Sounds like someone’s got a lot of interesting ideas. There’s always more room in Montana politics for opposing viewpoints. However, if these are truly worthwile political projects then Butcher should have no problems disclosing who’s funding them. His “talk radio” should be no different than that found on any Clear Channel station. After all, commercial and public radio proudly play their sponsors’ ads. Why shouldn’t Trevis Butcher? Don’t Montanans have a right to know who’s funding their favorite program on KGVO and trying to influence their vote?

Meanwhile, perhaps our legislators should look at amending the campaign finance laws in the Montana Code during the next session to include…let’s see…groups with “educational and political purposes”. Or maybe they should just cut to the chase and simply insert the words “Howie Rich“.

Right-wing radio

by Pete Talbot

I don’t listen to a lot of radio. When I’m on a road trip or working outside I might tune in.

So I suppose my personal boycott of Clear Channel radio stations won’t have a great affect on their ratings and revenue.

Clear Channel is standing by their man Rush, though; supporting him through thick and thin. That’s their right, just as it’s Limbaugh’s right to call those in the military who are opposed to the Iraq War “phony soldiers.” Those are the soldiers who have served admirably, have shrapnel in their bodies, have lost limbs.

And it’s my right to quit listening to Clear Channel radio.

Now I’m opposed to Congress passing amendments chastising Rush, or for that matter, going after These are distractions from the business at hand: getting our troops out of Iraq. If you don’t like MoveOn, don’t send them any money. If you don’t like Rush, don’t listen to Clear Channel radio stations.

It’s a shame. Having been involved in the media over a number of years, I know some of the guys and gals at the Clear Channel stations here in Missoula. Fine folks.

But I can’t in good conscience listen to that right-wing radio crap or to the stations that promote it. This is really going to limit my choices, since Clear Channel owns almost half the radio stations in town. (That’s a subject for another post: media concentration and the loss of the independent voice.)

Anyway, here are the Clear Channel stations in the Missoula area: KBAZ “The Blaze” at 96.3 FM, KENR at 107.5 FM (I’ve never heard of this station before), KLCY at 930 AM, KYSS at 94.9 FM, KGVO at 1290 AM (this is the station I’ll miss the most because I love listening to Griz games when I can’t be there in person; however it’s also the station that broadcasts Rush, I believe), and finally, in the Bitterroot, there’s KLYQ at 1240 AM.

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