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by jhwygirl

In a short brief today, KPAX reguritates Stimson’s allegations that they “have no timber.”

Is there not one – even one? – news agency that will question the truth to that claim?

There are no where near the number of lumber mills that there were decades ago – so while there is certainly less trees being cut that there was in the early 1900’s, there are still trees being cut – anyone can see even the nominal amount that private landowners and agencies allow you to see along the highway – but think about the stuff beyond that view that it cut. Annually. Who is left to process it?

Plain and simple – to accept that Stimson has no lumber purely because they say so is wrong. It is lazy, frankly. There are private and large landowners that cut their lands. There is the Federal Government – including BLM and the USFS – and there is the State. Has any news agency gone to the large landowners (Plum Creek Timber comes to mind, plus some larger ranches) or the BLM or USFS or the State to see what – if any – sales that Stimson has put in on in the last 3 years or so (since they began laying people off saying they didn’t have any timber)? Has any news agency looked at how competitively Stimson actually pursued actual tree sales? Has any news agency looked into who got the sales that Stimson – if they even went for them – didn’t get?

At least look for the truth. Isn’t that what news reporting is about? Or at least supposed to be about?

{sigh} I guess Stimson is going to do what it is going to do and people are just going to sit by and not try to save and industry that supports not only the 125 or so people that it still employs, but the multiple industries that it supports in periphery to its operations. Guess it’s all Burger Kings and Walmarts. The bottom of the economic food chain, as it were. Yee haw!

The KPAX news piece details the plans of the Missoula businessman and developer Scott Cooney who is hoping to purchase the entire Stimson site, with hopes for developing “affordable housing and stores like L.L. Bean and Cabella’s.”

Cooney also recently announced his purchase of 16 acres of Stimson land south of the ballfield in Bonner, which includes the row of “company houses” and the credit union. His purchase also included 133 acres across the river from the mill site.

(Did someone just say Cabella’s? In Missoula?)

But seriously.

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