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anyone got a copy of the recent Nicholson mailing and a scanner?

I, unfortunately, was not on his mailing list.

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by jhwygirl

This is a repost, originally posted January 28, 2007 at MontanaNetroots. It refers to an event held in Helena, Montana on January 27th.

Representative Art Noonan of Butte stood in front of the State Capitol, in the brisk 15 degree Montana blue sky day before a crowd of peace supporters that included WWII and Vietnam veterans, Knitters for Peace, a Woman in Black and dozens of others, and posed that question.

A free-form rally was held on Saturday to coincide with’s march in Washington DC – which our own Cece is in attendance by the grace of a scholarship.

Noonan was joined by Senator Steve Gallus of Butte and Representative Julie French of Scoby, all of whom spoke passionately in support of our military and in protest of the war in Iraq – of the lies and falsehoods that got us there, and of the enormous cost in human lives as a result.

Noonan’s speech welled tears in my eyes – man, can that man speak! – and I dare say that there were several others also wiping away tears. In a moving speech, Noonan detailed how our nation got to this point, with lies of weapons of mass destruction, with lies of connecting 9/11 to Iraq and with the truth that we all know now. He spoke of the tremendous sacrifice that is being asked of our nation’s sons and daughters and posed this:

Ask yourself – What is the value of a life?……….And then ask yourself – What is the value of a life given for yours?

This is the question our nation needs to ask. This is the question our nation needs to answer. How many lives are worth what our president seeks in Iraq? And can what our president seeks in Iraq ever be found? Blindness to this very essence of what the war in Iraq has brought us – thousands of American lives lost at a cost that is undefinable and with lives which are priceless in value – is what must be considered, and what must never be forgotten.

Representative Julie French told the crowd of her son who had served in the service, and a younger son who has told her that if he is asked to go, he will do so without question. She spoke of her unwaivering support of men and women in service and HB 179, which she sponsored, that will create a Montana monetary relief fund for families and soldiers called up for federal service. She noted that while the monetary amount may seem insignificant in relation to what is actually being asked of the service men and women and their families, it is important for Montana’s sons and daughters to know that we, the people of this state, support them 100%.

Senator Steve Gallus began the event, speaking of his lack of approval for the war, and told the crowd of his pride in helping to carry forward, in the State Legislature, Representative Michele Reinhardt’s resolution to protest the Iraqi war.

As Shane noted below, the exhibit of excellence in leadership by Gallus, Noonan and French was heartening. The people of Butte and Scoby are fortunate to have such fine people representing them in Helena.

Vote YES to Missoula’s Iraq War Referendum.

by Jay Stevens

From today’s Missoula Independent feature of Matt Singer:

“We’re both young guys interested in politics and interested in Montana,” Erik Iverson says of the impetus behind their meeting over beers earlier this year. “I obviously want young people to get involved in politics and paying attention and volunteering and voting. It’s better for democracy and better for Montana.”

‘Nuff ced. That should put an end to the wild accusations against Forward Montana from Missoula Republicans…right?


by Rebecca Schmitz

I suppose it was inevitable: in the wake of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, people have taken the initiative to help others in a time of crisis outside of official (and officially inept) channels. Forget FEMA, it’s now up to us to save each other from natural disaster.  The Brownies of the world certainly won’t do it. The California State Assembly Republican Caucus knows this, which is why they’re offering vital help and information through the filter of partisan party politics for residents of the Golden State affected by this year’s wildfires.  Of course, that help is accompanied by thoughtful public statements from recently-elected caucus members and those up for re-election next year.   Would we expect any different from a website operated by the Democratic Party?  Absolutely not, which is why it reminds me of the efforts of Christian missionaries in the Third World; you can have a bowl of rice, but it’s going to be served with a lecture about Jesus Christ. 

No, I take that back.  I would not expect the Democrats to put together a good website like because they’re too disorganized.  Say what you will about Republicans, at least they stay on message, present a united front, and bring professionalism to the party.  Take notes, guys, because it will be Montana’s turn again next summer.  An election year is coming up.  And whether you live in the Bear Republic or Griz country, a good politician should never miss a chance to communicate to the voters–even if they’re fleeing a wildfire.   


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