Erik Iverson hearts Matt Singer and Forward Montana

by Jay Stevens

From today’s Missoula Independent feature of Matt Singer:

“We’re both young guys interested in politics and interested in Montana,” Erik Iverson says of the impetus behind their meeting over beers earlier this year. “I obviously want young people to get involved in politics and paying attention and volunteering and voting. It’s better for democracy and better for Montana.”

‘Nuff ced. That should put an end to the wild accusations against Forward Montana from Missoula Republicans…right?



  1. Ayn Rand

    The only thing outrageous is you really do live on another planet. A few accusations please. The only thing I remember saying is that Forward Montana was not non-partisan as noticed by their ( your ) membership.

  2. Sweet! The backtracking begins!

  3. goof houlihan

    “As Singer starts to riff about Hellegaard’s unyielding rigidity compared to Ballas’ demonstrated capacity to compromise”

    That’s what I picked up from following the race. What’s the prediction?

    Sorry for the hijacking.

  4. goof houlihan

    not really…”wild accusations” is a thread to nowhere.

  5. goof houlihan

    Thought I’d reply here rather than at the Missoulapolis site. All that cricket chirping here is driving me crazy…short trip, I know.

    From today’s Missoulian, “Labor NOW conference today at UM” “giving attendees the organizing skills necessary to empower workers in their local communities”. Featuring the International Labor Rights fund and the director for International Economic Rights”. Co sponsored by, you guessed it, Forward Montana.

    Another bipartisan effort, no doubt!

  6. I’ve not heard any predictions on the Ballas-Hellegaard race – and I don’t even know how many ballots have been returned in that ward – whereas in 6 there’s been a lot.

    I’d think that Ballas would take it – as an incumbent, he has that advantage, and while he’s certainly conservative, he doesn’t side himself on the radical right of council.

    Plus he is a somewhat personable guy.

    I’ll put up an open thread so you can give us some of your observations from being over here this week.

  7. goof houlihan

    wrote one, and lost it to the bad connection. But I’m trying again….

  8. Another bipartisan effort, no doubt!

    Labor’s a non-partisan issue. It’s a progressive issue. I don’t Matt’s ever denied his progressive beliefs, but encouraging young people to organize for their work safety and job security rights is about just that, not about winning elections.

    Ditto with voter registration. Progressives are into civic participation. The voter registration drives and activities meant to foster interest in the municipal elections are done to get people interested in city politics, no more, no less.

    If you have doubts, ask Lewie S, see what he has to say about it.

  9. goof houlihan

    “Fact: No political candidate or party committee… ”

    That’s from Matt’s site, and he’s “sarcastically” making the point that, for those type of individuals/organizations, out of state donations are normal.

    So which is he and his organization? A political candidate or a party committee?

    His own comparison says more about his intent and purpose than any disclaimer you can make up, Jay.

    I’ve seen too many of these organizations, just to… promote family values, of course, or make voters aware of environmental records, or encourage “values voters”. I understand how it works, “plausible deniability”.

  10. Well, I can’t speak for Matt. I do wish he’d explain things so folks won’t get confused by the hyperbole from the right on the issue.

    Matt is a progressive, the group’s mission includes progressive ideology. He and Forward Montana do indeed engage in politics. It is not, however, a partisan front group for wealthy out of staters. It has hundreds of members — of which I am one — and has done several grassroots campaigns using local volunteers.

    So take that for what it’s worth. I see no problem with these kinds of groups, obviously, whether they’re conservative or liberal. Why should all engagement with the political process have to go through the two parties? Can’t citizens start their own groups that push their own message?

  11. goof houlihan

    I don’t think it should all go through the parties. I’m the non partisan guy, remember?

    I do think honesty of purpose is good though. I do appreciate the frank, “we are a political organization with one point of view” statement you make: “Matt is a progressive, the group’s mission includes progressive ideology. He and Forward Montana do indeed engage in politics”

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