Lying Lawbreaking Lewie Schneller’s had one donor….

by jhwygirl

And guess who it was?


  1. Ayn Rand

    Ahhh! would this be an endorsement? In a non-partisan race?

  2. Jim Lang

    I look forward to seeing how this is spun by the Missoulian.

  3. Hey, I gave him 50 bucks. Didn’t he report that?

  4. So Carol – is he falsifying his report by leaving out your $?

    Perhaps he just rolled it in with the Republican Central Committee….

    And Ayn? Pot. Kettle. Black. We’ve had this conversation – two wrongs don’t make a right….you can’t bash endorsements and then go do ’em yourself.

  5. goof houlihan

    First, $650 is far in excess of the $130 limit, even after factoring in a primary which allows a second buck thirty gift.

    I looked hard to see if it were a “fundraiser” where $650 was raised, but that doesn’t seem to be that kind of report.

    But hey, if donations to muni elections can be $650 then there’s a whole new ballgame to play!

    Carol, there are multiple reporting periods and you don’t know if he reported it during a different period.

  6. goof – I was more loosely suggesting that the fifty bucks Carol referred to was rolled into the $650 figure.

    But you raise something I wasn’t looking at – the fact that a singular donation was over that $130 limit. hmmmm.

  7. He shouldn’t be lumping them together. The individual contributions go in a different section from the political committee ones because they’re subject to a different limitation. Political commitees can give up to 650.

  8. Ayn Rand

    If you letter girl are concerned about rolling funds together…why oh why haven’t you peeked your head out from under the covers regarding Holly Raser??? That was 16000 dollars. Oooops, she is a lefty.

  9. Ayn Rand

    And letter girl…big pot, big kettle, lots of black.. You can’t endorse endorsments, then scream like holloween fright night that others can not do the same thing. But you did, different rules and all.

  10. anonymous

    carol is right for political party committees

    i’ve just not seen one in a non partisan city race

  11. goof houlihan

    nor do i want to

  12. Ayn? Did I endorse endorsements?

    You might want to go back and see who here did what…I offered no opinion until Lewie lied about his affiliation – continued to lie about his affiliation – and now this…And again when Justin Armintrout called himself a Democrat, but then bragged about having the Republican endorsement.

    THEN I said something about endorsements – only because the Republican’s cried “foul” when the Democrats did it – which I defended neither way – but then they went and endorsed too.

    Pot. Kettle. Black. Get it?

  13. goof houlihan

    Nope, it’s my “crickets chirping on the email opinion” buddy that is out there repudiating the will of the voters for non partisan elections, not jay highway girl.

    It’s the very first time I’ve seen a party committee donation in a non partisan city election. Man, any good campaign manager of his opponent, would make that a huge campaign issue , not following the will of the voters, beholden to a political party in a non partisan position, attempting to politicize the campaign, whoo boy it would be fun. Not only that, but I’d think it would also energize the opposite base.

    And that’s why no political party with a lick of sense is officially donating money in a non partisan city race.

    Throw a fundraising party and invite the central committee. Everyone can give anonymously as much as they want and you’re not branded. Sheesh.

  14. The local Republicans cried “foul”? I don’t remember that. I had some fun with it because it’s rather unworkable in practice. But people want to keep this nonpartisan so no party is listed on the ballot. Plenty of Republicans don’t know who to vote for in this election because local politics is confusing and usually way off people’s radar.

  15. Plenty of Republicans don’t know who to vote for in this election because local politics is confusing and usually way off people’s radar.

    Carol – you were one of the one’s crying foul, admittedly, and now you offer up an excuse for the local GOP endorsement by saying that.

    Sounds awfully familiar. I believe that’s what I heard proponents of the Democratic endorsement say.

  16. petetalbot

    Hey Goof:

    “Throw a fundraising party and invite the central committee. Everyone can give anonymously as much as they want and you’re not branded. Sheesh.”

    I think that to “give anonymously as much as they want” would be a violation of campaign finance law — both the “as much” (it’s limited to $130 per election cycle) and the “anonymously” (anything over $35 has to be reported).

    Sounds like you’ve been to the Jack Abramoff school of campaign funding.

  17. Jim Lang

    Well, I said I was looking forward to how the Missoulian spun this. And I’m not at all surprised that the way they’ve spun it is by not bothering to report it.

  18. Ayn Rand

    Pete and the Holly Raser school of campaign fund raising. Has a nice ring.

  19. goof houlihan

    “Mass collections from fundraising events.

    Mass collections from fundraising events (such as passing the hat or selling

    campaign pins, raffle tickets, or baked goods) also need to be recorded and

    reported, but this is often done in a different way from the accounting of other

    receipts. Usually, the specific source of money at these events will not be known;

    therefore, the campaign treasurer will account for proceeds from such fundraising activities by recording: (1) the date of the event, (2) a description of the event, (3)the approximate number of people attending, and (4) the total amount ofcontributions received. ”

    Cash, in a punchbowl or hat, in the center of the room, gets reported as described above.

    But you are as nasty as a turd in a punchbowl, Pete, throwing around “Jack Abramhoff” accusations.

    Didn’t see your acknowledgement of my being correct on the email issue either, nastypete, even after your lofty “I’ll wait for the official attorney’s opinion” putdown. And I’ll be replying to your “liberals didn’t oppose MPPA” oops, well except for Tom Power” post too. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t include a record of your posting nothing worthwhile there as well.

  20. “Carol – you were one of the one’s crying foul, admittedly, and now you offer up an excuse for the local GOP endorsement by saying that.”

    Show me where I cried foul because I don’t remember it. Sure you aren’t confusing me with someone else? I understand the problem of giving guidance, but the voters hate parties and think nonpartisan is neat. I think if they held a national referendum on nonpartisan elections it would pass. But if parties taking sides is bad, then they should pass laws saying no contributions, no endorsements, no nothing.

    Not really workable.

  21. Again, leaping to Carol’s defense, she never cried foul about the Democratic endorsements. That was Noodly Appendage. Too bad he’s on his quest for spiritual enlightenment, because I would’ve enjoyed his reaction to the news.

  22. Mea culpa Carol – I’ll take you at your word, and I apologize.

    Seems I’m just as guilty as lumping you together with certain others here just as some of those others here are guilty at lumping me with certain others….follow that??????


    We did love our Noodly, didn’t we :-)

  23. petetalbot

    Goof, I wasn’t trying to be nasty — just pointing out campaign finance rules. As for the Abramoff reference: my attempt at humor apparently missed its mark. You gotta admit, with a line like: “Everyone can give anonymously as much as they want and you’re not branded.” sort of opens the door for comparison.

    And Ayn, you think there’s a possible future for the “Pete and Holly Raser school for campaign fundraising?” I could use another stream of income. This blogging just ain’t paying the bills.

  24. goof houlihan

    “As much as they want” usually isn’t that much, Pete.

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