A Short thought on the Bitteroot Resort

by jhwygirl

Why would a community that already has a lack of affordable housing for its median wage households ($54,500/year for a household of 4) welcome a resort that will make few rich and increase the demand for minimum wage workers? Seasonally?

What will that do to the small businesses in the valley that rely on minimum wage employees?

I guess we need to all resign ourselves to inclusionary housing regulations – ‘cause that’s what happened in Vail and Aspen, and Jackson Hole.

Whitefish and Kalispell are working on the same. Bozeman too, as I hear it.

Yep, let’s sit on by and watch the high-paying wages of Stimson go bye-bye, and instead let’s have the Missoula Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC) help fund slanted economic studies to tell us what we already know – that we’ll get lots of expensive homes and 1000’s of seasonal minimum wage jobs.

To be fair – that study was privately funded too – and my guess is that the better part of the $ for that study came from hopeful developer Tom Maclay himself.

More misguided economic development. Lovely.

  1. JC

    “To be fair”

    Why be fair? That’s the problem with today’s democrats and progressives. when was the last tie a republican was fair? Or a developer? Or Tom Maclay?

    Call a spade a spade. The “Bitterroot Resort Economic Impact Analysis” was anything but. It was a paid propaganda piece intended to create the illusion of self-importance. It was conceived to push investors sitting on the fence to relax their hesitancy over the resort.

    A hidden agenda is to lure the opposition to the resort to participate in a stacked process and flesh out the strategy by which they may try to poke holes in the economic rah-rah of the land peddlers. Anyone who participates in this sham by submitting “public” comments wastes their time and energy, and cuts off their base at the feet.

    Better to put the chill on the investors by mounting an all out war against the resort by calling it what it is: a 21st attempt to make a few rich by converting public resources (Lolo Peak and the Missoula infrastructure) into huge private profits at the expense of the livability and character of our community.

  2. The study was honest in one respect: it flat out said the high-paying construction jobs would be very temporary, and the remainder would be the low-paying seasonal service industry ones Montana already has in abundance. However, it did not calculate the cost to the surrounding communities from the following: road repair, sewage issues, water use, and pollution from commuting vehicles.

    To be fair, ECONorthwest said it could not calculate these negative costs because reliable data does not exist. But that only makes me wonder about their positive projections. Could those be just as fundamentally unreliable?

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