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by jhwygirl

Today’s Montana Standard has a tedious little piece on the Montana cash being raised by the presidential candidates.

A total of roughly $257,000 has been raised by presidential candidates here in Montana – with nearly 25% of it going to the John Edwards campaign.

A total of 58% of the cash given to presidential candidates has gone to the Democrats.

The leading Republican getting Montanan’s money is Mitt Romney. He’s raise about half of what Edwards has raised. $32,010 versus $66,114.

When you look at the overall picture of presidential cash, it’s even more interesting. A total of $416.2 million has been raised, 51.4% Democratic candidate cash.

While Hillary leads the whole darn pack nationwide, not so surprisingly she doesn’t even garner 5% of Montanan’s money.

The statewide picture is interesting too – the most cash isn’t coming out of the Missoula or Kalispell area – it’s the Butte-Bozeman zip that’s giving the dough.

by jhwygirl

Or is it tragedy in humor?

First there was this.

Then there was this.

Not so ironically brought to us by Shakespeare (& Co.).

The man should write a book.

by jhwygirl

Normally I watch Meet the Press (immediately after watching Face the Nation) on Sunday mornings, but this week’s Face the State program caught my ear as the topic was the Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN).

Face the State is a locally produced news show – produced at any one of the several CBS affiliates across the state. It is on here in Missoula on Sunday mornings, at 9 a.m.

Gayle Carlson, who heads up the Great Falls Food Bank, was guest on today’s show. She presented some startling statistics on hunger here in Montana.

708,000 persons received food assistance here in Montana in 2006.

That figure is over double from 2004.

2006’s figure equates to a number that would be nearly 2/3 of all Montanan’s.

Nearly 50% of those receiving food assistance have someone employed in their household.

Those facts are startling folks.

Ms. Carlson told of a recently divorced woman, with 3 children, who came to the local food pantry for assistance. In her own words, Carlson said that “she’d never have thought that this woman would have needed assistance,” but that she was going through a hard time, and that the food pantry gave her the boost she needed to get her through the rough patch. She is doing fine now, and no longer needs assistance.

Myself, I see hunger in my own neighborhood. It’s not that obvious. I get up every morning around 6:30 to walk the dog, and that is where I see the need. I see several neighbors who are picked up (by others needing breakfast? by volunteers?) to be taken to their morning meals.

An older gentleman who lives nearby has meals-on-wheels delivered. I occasionally take him a meal – he loves my beef stew and my chicken and dumplings. The first time I did it, his gratefulness was so apparent, I have never forgotten to make large batches of that stuff (when I do make it) just so I can make sure he gets some.

Montana’s citizens rank somewhere near the bottom in terms of personal income – ranking 45th in 2004 (what was a move up the scale at the time), but ranking 49th in 2006. What Ms. Carlson emphasized is that the face of hunger in Montana isn’t necessarily what people would typically assume – it is not just homeless and unemployed people. It is the “working poor class” that is food challenged. It can be neighbors, it can even be co-workers.

This giving season, Craig at MTPolitics and Matt at Left in the West have revived what I think we all hope will be another successful fundraising event – the Montana Bloggers Fund for the MFBN.

The Montana Food Bank Network is a network of food banks and food pantries. It is also part of the nationwide organization America’s Second Harvest.

Montana’s food banks are large warehouses that distribute food, as needed, to community food pantries located throughout the state. A donation to the MFBN will help people throughout the state.

Please donate if you can.

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