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New B’birder on Board!

4&20 wants to welcome aboard Jamee Greer, who will be joining us here shortly. As a UM student, Jamee will provide us with a U. perspective, something us fossils around here were somewhat lacking.

He will also write about anything that he darn well pleases.

Jamee was an organizer of the recent anti-gay violence gathering, We Are Missoula: Speak up. Stand OUT!

Welcome aboard Jamee! We’re glad to have you!

by jhwygirl

….on the tails of yesterday’s Cabela’s post.

Wulfgar! (I didn’t forget the exclamation point! It defines him. He put it there for a reason, to show how in! your! face! he is.) wrote an excellent piece a while back on his experience out hunting one afternoon. It was quite timely, as that day I had a conversation at work that was similarly related.

Wulfgar!’s piece is a must read.

A guy I work with (and his wife) are avid hunters. He enjoys walk-in hunting – going to areas where he walks in behind locked gates. Often, he tells me, he walks in 5 or more miles.

When you are hunting, that can result in quite a bit of work – especially if you are successful.

One particular afternoon he was darn far back behind a locked USFS gate. An ATV come speeding up to him – through the woods, and off of the road.

“Didja see anything?” he asked, not even shutting the damned thing down.

“No,” was my friend’s reply.

Not 15 minutes later another ATV buzzes by – by this time my friend was on the road, and the ATVer, too, was on the road.

“Didja see anything?” this one asked, too. Again, not even shutting the damned thing down.

“Nothing but assholes on ATVs,” was my friends reply.

Now, I got little against ATVs. I’ve ridden them, they’re fun. I actually have to use them for work. But in the above example, there are roads. This was a gated area, for whatever reason. There are roaded areas that are open for mechanized travel. There are roaded areas that are closed to mechanized travel.

If I owned property and it were treated like that which my friend exhibited – or like that which Wulfgar! experienced, do ya think I’d want to open it up for every joe under the sun to come up and hunt?

What is it they say?

“All it takes is a few bad apples.”

And that’s a shame, isn’t it. I mean, if the USFS can’t prevent trespass like that, how in the hell is a private property owner going to deal with it?

by jhwygirl

It is days like today that I just love my job:  The semi-frozen Blackfoot, big horn sheep, big bull elk and their cows, white-tailed deer, mule deer, bald eagles, and a big blue sky – Montana has wondrous offerings, I’m only too happy to enjoy.

What do you have on your mind?

by Pete Talbot

Kim Todd, wife of 4&20 founding father Jay Stevens, has an essay in the latest issue of High Country News. It’s a wonderful piece in one of my favorite publications. Give it a look.

(P.S. I’ve just returned from a trip to Madagascar. Miss me? Hope to be filing some thoughts and photos soon, if I can just figure out how to upload, download, crop and edit in Flickr and Picnik. Then I’ll try to crank out some copy in a style that approaches Ms. Todd’s. Yeah, right.)

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