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by jhwygirl

See. I told you I believe.

Steve Doherty, former Great Falls state senator and current chair of the five-member Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks commission, appears to be seriously contemplating a run against 4-term Dennis Rehberg.

Steve is founding co-chair of Progressive States Network and an attorney who practices Indian Law. He has been recognized for his commitment to providing pro bono legal services.

Doherty’s name has been tossed around since talk first began on who was to replace Kennedy.

The Montana Democratic Party could not get a better candidate. How very exciting.

By Jamee Greer

(While many members of Missoula’s community enjoy the benefits of warm homes in the winter and luxuries like wireless internet access, we should remember that some others do not. Support Missoula’s homeless shelter, the Poverello. Donations can be made by clicking here, and those with spare time and tight budgets can volunteer by calling the Poverello’s Volunteer Coordinator, Frankie Feinstein, at 728-1809.)

I had no idea how popular this blog was until I made the original post. Between the fact that readership tripled on Monday and the almost two dozen people on campus who thanked me for writing the post, I’m still a little stunned.

I’m known for being sarcastic, but often only to get my point across—and usually regarding an injustice. When I sat down at the coffee shop last weekend to write this, I wanted to instigate discussion. I wanted folks to begin communicating about the ramifications we face, for better or worse, as our magnanimous city evolves.

Folks might say that’s idealistic, or that I’m just bitter over loosing my apartment to gentrification this fall. Truth be told, I’m a little of both. But I’d rather use that idealism and bitterness to focus my energy on social change in my twenties—rather than bottle it in until my seventies and regret that I hadn’t done something when I still could. My argument—and I assume the arguments of many others who commented on Missoula’s new social club—aren’t naïve or nostalgic. It’s a shared fear that the city we’ve embraced as home is changing and we’re at a precarious point where our voices, planning and politics will determine the future of Missoula.

Really what we have here is a fantastic social experiment in twenty-first century conversation, a community expressing their trepidations, frustrations and support for fellow Missoulians. We here at 4and20blackbirds thought it might be wise to do a follow up post and include clips of comments from the original entry for folks to use in furthering greater conversation.

“Let’s quit mourning the loss of Jays, go to a Poverello hosted Rock Raiser at the Badlander and move on with our lives.”


“I helped run Jay’s for the last three years of it’s existence. Jay’s was a lot of things. It was extremely dirty and worn down but it was also an amazing place that helped form some of the best local acts to ever play in this town.”

Colin Hickey

“But now there are other venues that can take its place and offer so much more, like the Badlander. The beat goes on!”

Rebecca, moderator, 4and20blackbirds

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by jhwygirl

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks that Montana Democrats have been without a candidate to run against Dennis “Boy Wonder” Rehberg. That caused some angst amongst us political junkies who ascribe to the state democratic party – after all, Kennedy had been doing quite well in the fundraising against Dennis – and most of his cash was coming from small donations. More donors meant lots of supporters.

I took that to be a good sign. It meant to me that Denny wasn’t as snug as the bug as state republicans would have us believe.

Since then I’ve convinced myself, despite the lack of a candidate, that there are plenty of reasons to believe that Denny is beatable. I think back to this space in time in 2005 – Tester was “Tester who?” to many people. Morris had the primary all but signed, sealed, and delivered – and even at that, Conrad (Conrad who?) was thought to be unbeatable by a whole hell of a lot of people in Montana.

Not me – I believed in Jon. So did a whole bunch of other democrats and progressives and political junkies.

Conrad was a big old tree to burn last time around – it took blood, sweat, and (admittedly) a good amount of cash. But we got it done!

Now comes 2007 – with November 4, 2008 waiting in the wings. 4-term Rehberg is still slacking along – sleeping on the couch (not quite the visual I’d like to think of for Montana’s congressional representation) – and continuing to float along on mediocrity.

He’s also voting against things like the College Cost Reduction and Access Act.

He’s voted against the Clean Energy Act of 2007.

He’s voted against the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2007. Against the Renewable Energy Standards bill. Against the Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act.

He voted against the United States Attorney Act of 2007, which helped preserve the independence of U.S. Attorneys from influence of the Executive Branch. It passed without his support – 306-114.

He voted against the Mortgage Reform and Anti-Subprime Lending Act just last month.

Don’t even get me started on his take on the Montana’s Rocky Mountain front.

Man, I could go on – but really – do we need to list all the reasons why Denny needs to go?

Anything is possible. November 7, 2006 taught me that.

So for now I will believe.

Let’s Get ‘Er Done!

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