More Rumors on Who Will Defeat Rehberg

by jhwygirl

See. I told you I believe.

Steve Doherty, former Great Falls state senator and current chair of the five-member Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks commission, appears to be seriously contemplating a run against 4-term Dennis Rehberg.

Steve is founding co-chair of Progressive States Network and an attorney who practices Indian Law. He has been recognized for his commitment to providing pro bono legal services.

Doherty’s name has been tossed around since talk first began on who was to replace Kennedy.

The Montana Democratic Party could not get a better candidate. How very exciting.

  1. MTSentinel

    Really? A trial lawyer (strike one), who leans far left (strike two) and has substantial ties to – an organization that was condemned by the entire Montana Delegation (strike three)?

    The Montana Dems really must be desperate to find their sacrificial lamb.

    Why doesn’t Jay Stephens run?

  2. What’s wrong with a trial attorney? Someone who knows the Constitution?

    Whatta you got against a person who fights for Constitutional rights MTSentinel?

    Desperate? Hell no – I’m just waiting for a link to send him some $$$$$$.

  3. MTSentinel

    Trial lawyers are very popular with liberals. They are much, much less popular with conservatives and populists. Interestingly enough, liberals don’t fare too well in Montana; conservatives and populists do.

    And that was only one strike of the three that I threw at ya.

  4. MtSentenel: you guys have hijacked the words ‘values’, ‘patriot’ and so on, I wont let you hijack the word ‘populist’. Would you deny that the Republican party puts all policy through a filter ‘would it be good for business’ before ‘would it be good for the people’? You are not populist, no matter how many times you say it.

  5. MTSentinel

    I didn’t claim to be populist and I’m certainly not trying to hijack the phrase. I’d say that the political battle in Montana pits conservatism against populism. Outside of Missoula, there aren’t many modern liberals in the state. You’ve got some classical liberals in Butte, but most of the rest of the Democratic base is populist.

    Jon Tester is almost always identified as a populist (he certainly ran as one) – and do you remember the profession of the guy he beat in his primary? Trial lawyer.

    But changing the subject doesn’t make my original arguments go away…

  6. MTSentinel

    Just to clarify, by ‘populist’ I mean Tester-strain Democrats. Tester-style candidates will do better than Morrison/Doherty-style candidates in Montana because of the nature of Democrats in the state. That is the basis for my claim that Doherty’s profession as a trial lawyer will be a liability for him.

    (By using populist/liberal, my intention is to describe tendancies of the Democratic party. I could similarly suggest that Republicans in Montana tend to lean more toward libertarian viewpoints than Bible Belt moralists, meaning a limited government candidate will fair better than a evangelist within the Republican base.)

  7. Every democratic candidate, it seems, has “substantial” ties to MoveOn, George Soros, Bill Clinton, etc.

    “Leans far left” sounds far better than “leans far right” which is about where Rehberg hangs out.

  8. Dude, that’s “Stevens.”

  9. If I ran for House, I’d challenge Dennis to a turkey shoot, winner takes all. ‘Course we’re talking about a guy too chicken to shoot with Monica Lindeen. Man, I’ll never understand why Montana goes for a Richie-Rich hobby sheep farmer who keeps screwin’ ’em in DC. Bankruptcy bill? Check. Kevin Ring? Check. Privitization of SS? Check. Health care for kids, “extremist”? Check. Iraq? Check. Iran? Check. Does the dude have his own brain, or does he just go off the FAXes he gets from the WH?

  10. MTSentinel

    Ah, jhwygirl goes for the other two pitches.

    1) That’s true, since tends to spend money on every Dem race. But in this case, the organization that Doherty pioneered was co-founded by so it’s a little more significant.

    2) Rehberg is far from extreme. He voted for SCHIP, he supports medical marijuana. “Far left” may sound good to you, but again, it doesn’t play as well in the rest of the state.

    Jay, trying to tie him to Bush will be difficult so I hope that’s not the grand Democrat strategy; he votes for Montana first, including supporting a veto override of two bills in the last month: SCHIP and Water Projects.

  11. Rehberg has followed Bush on just about every piece of legislation — except for three things. The water bill you mentioned, SCHIP, and…what was the third? COOL? Something like that. Otherwise, it’s lock step.

    By the way, and this may come as a shock…but MoveOn is actually not very left. They’re more populist than left. Of course, given that it’s a grassroots, member-driven organziation with like 3 million members, there’s no way it could be “extreme.”

  12. MTSentinel

    Yeah, the liberals have been trying to “hijack” the phrase populist for awhile now. It’s a pretty important re-brand since “liberal” is still a bad word in so many corners of the country. But saying an organization like is “populist” doesn’t make it so.

    “General Betray Us” is not populist.
    Comparing Bush to Hitler is not populist.

    It strikes me that the Rehberg=Bush argument gets weaker in proportion to the amount of effort necessary to defend it – not really the markings of a winning campaign strategy. But it’s your party, so I hope they listen to ya!

  13. JC

    It’s really a sad day when politics lowers itself to arguing semantics and pigeon-holing. Whatever happened to a politician’s just hanging his policy on the door and letting it speak for itself?

    Discussions like the one MTSentinel is trying to draw folks into just serve to distract from the real issues. Issues like war, universal health care, housing, the cost of education.

    It will be easy to differentiate a contender’s policies to Rehberg, given that we don’t get bogged down in peripheral debates. The question then becomes whether or not Montanans are comfortable with the status quo, or can they find someone that better fits their desires?

    Rehberg is vulnerable in many ways, as he is out of touch with much that Montanans care about. The issues are there to defeat Rehberg. Will a candidate like Doherty rise to the challenge? I sure hope so.

  14. MTSentinal, you should tackle a dictionary some day and see what “populist” actually means.

    Universal health care? Extremely popular. Progressive plank? Check.

    Raising the minimum wage? Extremely popular. Progressive plank? Check.

    An equitable tax system, that taxes hedge fund managers at the same rate as waitresses? Extremely popular. Progressive plank? Check.

    Withdrawal from Iraq? Extremely popular. Progressive plank? Check.

    Say…where does Denny Rehberg, George Bush, and the Republican Party fall on all of these issues? Checkmate.

  15. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    My guess is that Sentismell ISN’T EVEN IN MONTANA, let alone FROM Montana! These plants usually use some Montana sounding name, JUST LIKE HIS! For you see, he knows nothing about Montana politics. Blinky Rheburp was one of the most hated people to ever serve in the Lege. And still is. ANY competent Dem has a GREAT chance against Blinky. And I think that Doughtery, one of the most RESPECTED legisators ever, has a great chance. And all this talk about trial lawyer is ridiculous. Anyone who actually KNOWS Steve (and that’d be most Montanans) knows that he’s not a greedy ambulance chaser type lawyer. In fact, he’s bout as poor as the REST of us. Whereas Blinky. BLINKY! Well, we ALL know where little Blinky boy got his money. SCREWIN’ PEOPLE! Talk to the folks down in his subdivision who are real happy with him. Guess that we’ll just have to see. But I think goatboy has a fight on his hands THIS time! Stay tuned! BTW where you from, Sentismell? Tell us sumthin’ that only a Montanan would know, for you see, I can tell that your a phony!

  16. Jedediah Redman

    I worry a lot when people keep talking about hope, belief and faith–and candidates who have to have their arms twisted.

    Frankly, as I said, I’m worried that Denny has gotten himself into the same position Pat Williams used to be in–just waiting for the next scapegoat to be dragged kicking and screaming to his killing table…

  17. Jedediah Redman

    I’m surprised by your apparent dependence on deifinitions when it comes to the word populist.
    A strict definition might be A politician who panders to the hoi poloi–see Kingfish…
    I don’t think that is the definition you and I would want to work with; but I’d insist it is accurate…

  18. Dude, I am the hoi polloi…

  19. goof houlihan

    “Dude, I am the hoi polloi”

    LOL! Great phrase.

    Leader, or follower? Nope, you’re not the hoi polloi. The hoi polloi don’t have their own “anything” in the west websites.

  20. goof houlihan

    the hoi polloi are watching “the biggest loser” and no, not the one in DC.

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