Admin & Finance Committee Approves Impact Fee Changes

by jhwygirl

Good news out of the Administration & Finance Committee today – recommended for approval was a new transportation impact fee (at 50% of the consultant’s recommendation) and a parks impact fee that remains wholly intact.

Meetings on the impact fees have been ongoing for nearly 6 months. At the heart of the matter were developers who opposed the addition of any impact fee for transportation. Commercial development – which is contributing greatly to the transportation woes that can be seen on Reserve and Mullan, along with secondary arterials off of those main roads – didn’t contribute much (if anything) in funding to mitigate those impacts that grow greater and greater over time. Adding a transportation impact fee helps provide some $ to help the city deal with those impacts.

Because of all the bellyaching that was going on over the proposed transportation impact fee, a proposal was put forth by the Mayor’s Impact Fee Advisory Board which would have reduced the parks impact fee by 50%.

{Glad I don’t have to express my thoughts on that. Wait. Just this: One step forward, two steps back.}

It was mentioned before on the MissoulaGov listserv, and if I recall correctly, the transportation impact fee will raise approximately $1 million in transportation funds.

I don’t know the committee vote – but I can only hope that that this garners only minor discontent from the “Fab 4” (Haines, Hendrickson, Wilkins and Nicholson).

On another note – it’s good to see Council moving forward. Getting it done.

  1. g. hooligan

    How much in real dollars per, say, 1600 ft sq house?

    BTW, Bozeman is looking at a transportation impact fee that considers size of dwelling unit and whether it’s in the affordable housing program, AND for commercial, whether it’s built “in the central business district” or “out of the central business district” when determining the size of the fee.

    Damn communists.

  2. g. hooligan

    I don’t think they’re actually trying to “redistribute wealth and suffering” though. Just paying for infrastucture in a fair way.

  3. They wanted to do something which encouraged building in the central business core – but Nugent said it wasn’t legally possible. Maybe we should have looked at how the bozone was doing that. It would have been a good thing.

    I’ll look into the fees for you today.

  4. goof houlihan

    Central business district has a differential due to the large number of multiple destinations with one car trip. In Bozeman, anyway, you can go to the courthouse, city hall, school district, post office, federal building, IRS, buy a “fine cigar”, go to the bank and take out a loan to buy lunch downtown, cough up a hundred grand for a painting, buy a sweet guitar at Music villa and a new board at World Boards, or eat cheap at La Tinga and only walk about seven blocks.

    So there’s a differential between that and going out to generica and driving to target and then driving to costco and then driving to mcdonalds.

    Dig it!

  5. Don’t forget the custom cowboy hat goof….Love those hats!

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