The War on Christmas Common Courtesy

by Rebecca Schmitz

Yesterday morning I answered my phone at work like I always do: “This is Rebecca.  How can I help you?”  The woman on the other end of the line said, “Merry Christmas!  I have some questions.”  “Good morning,” I replied without thinking twice, “let’s get you some answers.”  There was a long pause on her end.  Then, in a voice hard enough to cut glass, she spat, “I. Said. Merry. Christmas.”

Ah, she was one of those people.   You know, bound and determined to be unpleasant in an effort to shove her wretched politics down my throat.  She was a believer, not in Santa Claus or the message of Jesus Christ, but in Bill O’Reilly and Fox News.  There’s nothing remotely sincere about wishing someone else a Merry Christmas if lurking behind it is the need to embarrass and vilify a complete stranger.  That’s the sad thing about O’Reilly’s fake “War”: the second those words are used as a bludgeon they’ve lost the essential meaning so cherished by those who also like to remind us Jesus is the reason for the season.  Remember?  A larger meaning about peace on Earth and good will to men, perhaps?  Although Bill O’Reilly declared he won his “War” last week when the House of Reprensentatives took the time to pass a bill “recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith” (I guess Congress doesn’t have enough to do, what with two wars, a massive national deficit and a domestic agenda in chaos), those of us who have to deal with his soliders know otherwise.  There are plenty of petty people out there willing to make a mockery of their own faith just to make a point. 

“Yes, I heard you,” I said to the woman in my most pleasant and professional tone. “Now, how may I help?” 

  1. I know how you feel. It reminds me of some not so great people that make it a point to sit in the first pew at church. Phoniness and arrogance never win. Good and sincere people will be rewarded, whether you believe in God, gods, karma, etc.

  2. Jamee Greer

    I understand your frustrations Rebecca, but isn’t it better that we fight the war on Christmas here rather than in the North Pole? Santa has enough to do as it is already!

  3. My favorite comment on this whole thing is on the first link I posted (The Huffington Post–which if you haven’t read the specific article, do so. It’s funny.):

    Crap, the War on Christmas is over? Now where did I rendition those elves?

  4. Jedediah Redman

    There are a couple of killer lines!
    I’m beginning to feel back at home with some of these leftists…

  5. You’re the one who walked out the door and off the porch, not vice versa.

  6. Your poise and tact should be commended, as well as your standing your ground. I’m afraid I would have been less diplomatic.

  7. My job is basically to be a diplomat, so I have no choice.

  8. Jedediah Redman

    Actually not, MS Schmitz, I was getting so far to the left of most of you, I fell off the porch…

  9. JC

    Isn’t it true that three lefts make a right…??

  10. Today’s Cetic Comic was rather appropriate to this thread, so I thought I’d share.

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