Gallatin County Moving Towards County-Wide Zoning

by jhwygirl

Saw this in the paper today: County approves preliminary steps towards zoning.

Good for them.

  1. goof houlihan

    You’re going to lose your bet with me.

  2. I might as well pay up now.

    Actually goof, I took your previous Nixon to China comment to imply that Gallatin would never get ‘er done….and then, again, I don’t know that I ever thought Missoula would either. Unless they’re dragged kicking and screaming.

    Looks like yours are walking willingly into the snake pit, huh?

    Brave souls, those Gallatin commissioners!

  3. goof houlihan

    The Nixon to China comment is that it’ll take republicans to play against type and put in zoning. All three Gallatin Co Commissioners are Republicans.

    Gravel pits had some part in it, too.

  4. What is the motivating event? Is there one? How did Gallatin get to this point? I mean, Missoula seems so far from it, I wonder how a more conservative base can be more supportive than here. Please. Enlighten us if you can! I want to know the secret!

  5. goof houlihan

    It hasn’t happened yet!

    There are sixteen or seventeen different zoning districts in Gallatin County. Fourteen of them are “101” citizen intitiated districts, (thats with a zoning commission rather than a planning board making the decisions), and the rest are “top down” 201 districts. Those districts cover a lot of territory.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the county gets the gravel pits and crappy development. They aren’t liking that much, and suddenly it seems the gravel pit in your backyard or the dense subdivision on a package plant leaking dribbling birth control hormones into your well water is more of a threat than big government.

    Also, there are agrarians who support zoning as a way of buying MORE farmland rather than see it sold to developers.

    Also we have not one but TWO bond issues buying up development rights on farms. (Twenty million bucks total…hold the applause, please). So WE OFFER AN ALTERNATIVE to ” government takings” even though zoning is not usually found to be a taking.

    Then there was the problem with strip joints that fired a few conservatives up, too.

    So we are a little farther along. We don’t have the Plum Creek veto to face, either.

    And, as you’ve found out, some Republicans are quite hip and happnin!

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