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by Rebecca Schmitz

I’ve been accused of using hyperbole to make a point by a couple of our readers, so I’m not immune to criticism. I know Jay’s officially retired the “creep” category, so hopefully the level of discourse can remain above personal attacks. But sometimes a blogger can’t resist, because this, this is priceless:

Cook for a living and forget to put pickles on a gay persons hamburger, you’ll be thrown in jail and charged with a hate-crime (obviously you hate gays because you didn’t forget the pickles on the hetero’s burger).

I’ve heard a lot about the fabled Homosexual Agenda, but sweet Elton John’s feather boa, I had no idea it was so far-reaching as to include burger fixings. I’m sure your heart, like mine, quails at the thought of the blood that will run in Missoula’s streets when someone forgets to put the slice of pepper jack on Jamee’s cheeseburger.

by Pete Talbot

My very first piece here at 4&20 Blackbirds, almost seven months ago, was on Republican legislator Bill Nooney. He “represents” House District 100 on Missoula’s western edge. My post basically said that Nooney, who had painted himself as a moderate during his campaign, had voted lock step with the most right-wing element of the 2007 legislature.

It turns out that I’m not the only one following Nooney’s political career. One of his constituents, Bill Vaughn, has a blog site and Nooney is often the subject of his writings. Here’s the first paragraph from Vaughn’s latest piece on Rep. Nooney:

“Like the assassin who attends the funeral, far-right Republican politician Bill Nooney was among the 150 people crammed into Montana’s Lolo Community Center on Dec. 4. While most everyone else was there to ask questions about a heavy industrial scheme just outside town that will ruin their lives unless the government steps in to prevent it, Nooney—their representative to the Montana House and a fat cat who lives in a McMansion fifteen miles away—showed up for reasons we can only assume were perverse.”

You’ll have to go to Vaughn’s site to read the rest. It’s worth it. Once at the site, you’ll also have to scroll down a bit to find the piece. Vaughn’s site is called Dark Acres. As the name suggests, some of the writing can be a bit on the dark side. Vaughn is, however, a skilled writer. And his observations on Nooney are spot on.

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