Bill Nooney revisited

by Pete Talbot

My very first piece here at 4&20 Blackbirds, almost seven months ago, was on Republican legislator Bill Nooney. He “represents” House District 100 on Missoula’s western edge. My post basically said that Nooney, who had painted himself as a moderate during his campaign, had voted lock step with the most right-wing element of the 2007 legislature.

It turns out that I’m not the only one following Nooney’s political career. One of his constituents, Bill Vaughn, has a blog site and Nooney is often the subject of his writings. Here’s the first paragraph from Vaughn’s latest piece on Rep. Nooney:

“Like the assassin who attends the funeral, far-right Republican politician Bill Nooney was among the 150 people crammed into Montana’s Lolo Community Center on Dec. 4. While most everyone else was there to ask questions about a heavy industrial scheme just outside town that will ruin their lives unless the government steps in to prevent it, Nooney—their representative to the Montana House and a fat cat who lives in a McMansion fifteen miles away—showed up for reasons we can only assume were perverse.”

You’ll have to go to Vaughn’s site to read the rest. It’s worth it. Once at the site, you’ll also have to scroll down a bit to find the piece. Vaughn’s site is called Dark Acres. As the name suggests, some of the writing can be a bit on the dark side. Vaughn is, however, a skilled writer. And his observations on Nooney are spot on.


  1. Ayn Rand

    Apparently you don’t keep up with the State Chamber ratings, or they don’t fit into your far left thinking. From your point on the continuum, he would appear far right even if the chamber rated him as close to being your brethern as anyone in Missoula. You should be welcoming him what with his voting record.

  2. petetalbot

    As usual, Ayn, you make no sense. Thanks, though, for buttressing my piece against Nooney. Here’s the link to the Chamber ratings:

    Nooney received a 93% rating. Other Missoula legislators received 0-20% ratings. Why? Because the Chamber has strayed a long way since it’s initial mission of networking local businesses and helping them succeed. The Chamber has become anti-sustainable business, anti-environment, anti-regulation, anti-labor, ad nauseam. (Sounds kind of like Nooney’s platform!).

    Once the Chamber started getting overtly political, such as supporting cyanide heap-leach mining, increasing air pollution, helping big box stores and opposed raising the minimum wage, to mention a few, it lost most of it’s credibility.

  3. tim huffman

    Like her (his) namesake, Ayn Rand must believe that greed and self-interest is the highest Human drive. The national Chamber has done more to destroy entrepeneurship and small business in this country than all the enviromentalists, public safety advocates, and labor agitators combined. And where goes the National, so goes the local Chamber.

  4. Jim Lang

    So when are we gonna get a good candidate in my district? I’d do it, but with my looks, people skills and life story, folks would be more likely to vote to send me to Deer Lodge than to Helena…

  5. petetalbot

    OK then, Jim, I’ll stop the “Draft Jim Lang for HD 100” campaign. Fortunately, I think there are so many p.o.ed folks in that district that other recruiting efforts are underway. I’ll keep you posted.

  6. Dammit, Pete, don’t call off the campaign. I’ve had all our signs and bumper stickers already printed:

    “Jim Lang: At Least He’s More Personable Than Mike Lange

  7. I think Ayn has in mind Rob Natelson’s study, which put Nooney on the far left of the R spectrum or in other words, exactly the moderate he held himself out to be.

  8. Jim Lang

    And of course, Natelson has no partisan motive to portray Nooney as a moderate.

  9. Jim Lang

    More personable than Mike Lange? we’ll have to see if I can resist the urge to tell you what to do with those stickers.

  10. petetalbot

    The Natelson study? Now that was an objective report. Maybe I ought to crank one out on how far to the right the 2007 legislature was. You’d buy into that, right Carol?

  11. Jedediah Redman

    [The]Chamber has done more to destroy entrepeneurship and small business in this country than all the enviromentalists, public safety advocates, and labor agitators combined.

    Damning company..!

  12. anonymous in Arizona

    Too bad Bill Nooney can’t pay his employees on-time for his business Firecom. Can’t pay his employees until a month later that payroll and yet he lives in a McMansion, while he spends our money. i wonder what the media would think about this, coming from a policitian.
    very poor taste.

    -employee still waiting to get paid-

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