Smail still under investigation; Wulfgar! wants to register his guns

by Jay Stevens

Wulfgar!, March 10:

… I can’t be the only person who thinks that Smail’s story reads like total BS. He ‘wakes up’ just in time to witness the tragic happening? Handguns aren’t nearly as easy to manipulate as people seem to think; and that a toddler could handle a p90 with such tragic ease and accuracy just smells foul to me.

AP Report, March 13:

Investigators said Wednesday they believe a 19-month-old girl who was fatally shot last week wasn’t holding the handgun when she was killed – contradicting the story of a man who was with her when the gun fired.

“We do not have reason to believe the child had the weapon in her hands at the time of her death,” Flathead County Detective Cmdr. Jeanne Landis said, referring to Korbyn Eva May Williams.

An investigation is underway.

Meanwhile, in a related post, Wulfgar! makes a case for gun registration:

Ultimately speaking, people should not fear their government. Government should fear the people. I don’t need some wackass nutcase on Ruby Ridge to protect me. I only need the government to know how much fire power is within 10 square blocks of my house. Trust me, that will get their attention, and they will be afraid.


  1. Widowmaker

    Registration does not come without its issues. Like the current situation of New Jersey. Lets say Obama gets into the White House and bans Semi automatic weapons. Not an impossible thought or even a stretch of a weak imagination. In New Jersey they did not grandfather already purchased guns into their recent ban. So, if I had to register my 10-22 lets say and Obama makes good on his promise, without a grandfather clause I’m an instant criminal. And, the cops know who’s door to knock on. Gun registration is expensive and not effective. I for one would never let some admitted gun grabber like Obama know exactly what I had in my gun safe.

  2. So, Widowmaker, you have a 1998 Republican think tank source that claims, with no support at all and direct contradiction from Obama himself, that Obama *will* ban semi-autos. Ohhh, nice bold move … you lose. Thanks for playing.

  3. Binky Griptight

    Gosh, what a wonderful name that is. Widowmaker. Hmm. What connotations does that conjure up?

    Frankly, the NRA squad is losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the average American. And shrill, disingenuous posts like Widowmaker’s aren’t helping a whole heck of a lot.

    But, if the majority of Americans want more gun control and bravely pass legislation to represent their best interests, then we know who will be one of the first law-breakers, don’t we?

  4. Big Swede

    “People shouldn’t fear the government”, wasn’t it the government or its represenatives that shot 14 year Sammuel in the back and then blindly shot Vickie with her baby in her arms killing them both?

  5. Widowmaker

    Now, this most likely is moot, since the Supreme Court will rule Mar 18. But, for sake of argument Binky, the post was not at all disgenous. Truth is, the government can and will (see my previous link) create gun laws. Not properly inform the gun owners, and not grandfather in the previous laws. It has nothing to do with the “NRA squad”, it has everything to do with law abiding citizens becoming instant felons on the basis of a governor and his cronies. Look at Bill Clinton’s Brady Bill. They went through pictures and made illegal what “looked bad”. Now, why did Brady want to ban those guns if he was shot by a .22 revolver? He has done nothing to make those illegal. What if the Brady association through another Clinton gets slightly more extreme and does not have a grandfather clause, like the case of New Jersey.

    A reply to your third comment is easy because the majority of Americans DO NOT want more gun control (see any poll, or the last Rasmussen, I can’t quite figure out this linking thing). Frankly the move that has been made in the last 4 years has been quite the opposite. No more Brady Bill, more freedoms for concealed carry and even now most likely firearms in federal parks. Quite frankly I really wish I would have purchased stock in Colt, DPMS and Remington.

    And take a look at further studies. The only gun law that has proven to reduce crime is allowing concealed carry. And yes, when a brave congressman allows Americans to have more freedoms and be safer by passing more laws allowed concealed carry, it would be acting in the best interests of everybody.

  6. Jim Lang

    ^ Umm, are you conflating the Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban?

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