OK, Am I Blowing Your Mind?

by jhwygirl

Changes, yes we have changes…..

Our categories were getting quite lengthy, and so was our blogroll too – the result is this test of a new configuration to a 3-column presentation.

The bestest thing I wanted to add was a recent comment list and a search engine. That should make it easy for people to follow-up on posts, and to search for specific things that they might want to search for.

Please let me know your thoughts, grips, suggestions, and hollas on the set-up. The goal is to make the house more user-friendly.

  1. Jim Lang

    What’s missing is the ability to preview your comment, and btw, what html tags are allowed?

  2. Some html tags are allowed – italics, bold, links…I’m not sure of the limitations, but I know I’ve done those basic ones.

    I don’t have the option to enable a preview of comments. We’ve got that on a to-do list, and hopefully we’ll have it in while. Sorry about that one Jim.

  3. Nice — good layout. I’ve always been partial to 3-columns!

  4. I like it.

    There is an easy to install plugin for live preview of comments. Oddly enough, I just un-installed it on my site, because it was noticeably slowing down page views.

  5. I like it. I like the “Recent Comments” thing a lot.

  6. JC

    I like the look–it’s definitely more readable. I’m not too sure on the 3-column proportions, with articles on the left. I really liked the opposed column justifications before.

    But that’s not why I’m commenting here.

    Can you provide a link, or sticky an article on a style guide for marking up our comments? I can never remember for all the different blogs and forums I post on if it’s or [em] or or [indent], etc.


  7. JC

    hehe, must have been the em in carrots for bolding.

  8. sokay – I just couldn’t find the comment link at first. Kept looking for it below the post. I thought it was my browser going whack.

  9. I think we may refine it some more, Carol.

    And that’s the Royal We, of course. Jhwygirl is doing all the work.

  10. Jim Lang

    I get the idea that some tags work. Would you possibly be able to provide a list of which tags those are? If you had preview, it wouldn’t be a problem, since I could just test for myself. Perhaps you could ask the folks at wordpress.com who are providing the service. tia

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