Must. Read. Story.

by jhwygirl

He said it. Very well, I might add.

Don Pogreba has declared his candidacy for Governor.

  1. Jim Lang

    Wow, way to go, Don Pogreba! I only I’d thought of that, Brian would have me to thank for not having to return over $200,000 in donations. Go Dan and Go Brian!

  2. Pogreba has a legitimate main campaign issue which departs quite differently from the Governor’s position on education funding.

    If he was setting out to help the Governor, as you suggest, I doubt he’d be doing it this way, Jim.

  3. goof houlihan

    Here’s my prediction. In the end, the school coalition will suck the local government entitlement fund dry and it will be cities and towns that pay the price. There’s only so much money in the state coffers; it’s a zero sum game. And if education takes more, somebody gets less. Schools have admitted it; there is no upper limit to what they expect from the state.

    School board complain they lack money, that taxpayers vote their permissive levies down, and at the same time make an end run around those voters by appealing to the courts.

    David Ewer and the Governor see the conundrum. It’s state or local government that will be sacrificed to appease schools.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Silly, silly stuff. Let’s face it, folks. You just can’t let them all in! Besides, people need to stay in their OWN countries and work to improve the situations there! We must have a reasonable immigration policy, and then enforce it!

    Take a little trip out to Portland some time. I have a sister who teaches just outside the city limits. One year, she needed NINE different interpreters for her parent teachers conferences! In freakin’ PORTLAND ferchrissakes! Now, you tell me what’s wrong with this picture!

    Too many immigrants is destroying the nature of our country because many of them have NO concept of democracy or how it works.

    So, before you get all goo goo bout a couple’a immigants in Columbus, you better look around a little bit. It’s like when you were a kid and you wanted to bring a dog home, and your parents wouldn’t let you because they knew better. You CAN’T bring the whole frickin’ world home!

    Encourage these folks to STAY in their own countries and improve the situation there. And then, make your damn representatives in congress adopt policies that encourage people to stay home! Best example? Mexico. NAFTA has created a huge exodus from Mexico to the U.S. Mission accomplished!

  5. Oh, okay, Larry’s talking about the immigration story. So sorry.

    I’m afraid goof is right about education funding. No one will go on the record saying how much is enough. Did they ever come up with the funding formula the judge ordered?

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Easy answer, Carol. START A FRIGGIN’ SCHOOL SOME TIME! Yep. Do an experiment. Start a private school and see how much it costs to run it! Many people have tried and failed. Then, factor in the fact that at a private school, you DON’T have to meet all the federal mandates, and you can kick out undesirable kids! There’s your answer. Get all the rightwingers in Montana to pool their money and start the Rush Limbaugh Academy! Their school colors will be brown, nice little brown shirts and uniforms!

  7. Larry – You really don’t need to yell.

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Yes, mommy.

  9. Jim Lang

    Actually, I didn’t suggest that he was setting out to help the Governor, I simply noted that he is helping the Governor. Maybe that’s not his intent – I’m not a mind reader. At any rate, I call it good news.

  10. Jack Mehoff

    I dont know much about politics, but I know a littl. I am a republican that has voted democratic and am not really too far on either side(i just lean a little to rep.) I had Mr. Neiffer when i was in highschool and he is a very funny cheerfull guy, but in NO way possible able to be lieutenant governor. He is a complete left-wing liberal. He openly flaunts his love for Michael Moore and has posters of every Michael more movie all over his class room(im ok with that no biggie) But when he tries to instill his politicall veiws to highschool student its not ok, 1. its not his job and it is not in any way shape or form right. Also i remember we had an opion quiz and it was over our political veiws and i distincly remember writing a very good paper and he failed me because i wrote about the republican party being my party of choice. I showed this paper to another teacher and my father and they both said it was written very well and for an opinion it was strong and well organized, Neiffer didnt agree aparently and failed me. He is a childish person and i dont think he should even be able to teach let alone run for lieutenant governor. I think that he is immature and should not judge people because of their political preference. I think that trying to instill your veiws into juniors in highschool is wrong, HIS JOB IS TO TEACH. He also pulled favorites in the class and treated certain students better. He also said that right wingers are narrow minded and that Rush Limbaugh was a complete idiot and that fox news is ran by idiots and republican robots, I only know this because he preached it to our Junior class, is that politically correct???

  11. Jason Wiener

    Perhaps he had an issue with comma splices, inappropriate punctuation, wanton capitalization, an absence of paragraph structure and the like.

    I was once an English teacher too and those things really got me fired up. They still do, to be truthful.

  12. Vanguard

    Oh no…

    I remember these two from their MHSA days. I thought Montana was tired of having morons for leaders. But i won’t bore you with my opinion, talk to the groups that know them best: MHSA, and their respective high schools.
    I have no idea what the schools would say but MHSA remembers them as childish, self-important morons that were more concerned about inflating their egos than helping students.

  13. Well, geez – Pogreba/Neiffer’s candidacy sure has brought out the trolls. For candidates we’re not supposed to take seriously, you right-wingnuts sure are threatened.

  14. Vanguard

    Not all of us are right-wing nuts. Some of us just know these two personally and are tired of being embarassed by Montana’s “Leaders”.

  15. petetalbot

    Pray tell, Vanguard, what other leaders are embarrassing “us.”

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