Denny Rehberg is on acid

by Pete Talbot

Rep. Denny Rehberg says that President Bush is a “victim of his own success.”

Recession? Check. Energy woes? Check. Health care crisis? Check. Torture, wiretapping, the Iraq War? Check, check, check.

If that’s Denny’s recipe for success, what’s his definition of failure?

Rehberg was speaking to Helena-area Republicans, as reported by Lee Newspapers‘ Mike Dennison. I hate to just rehash news from the morning paper but this one was to rich to pass up. Denny went on to say:

“The day will come that we will thank him (Bush) for what he’s doing.”

I’m sure my kids and grandkids will be thrilled to be paying off the greatest national debt, ever, thanks to tax cuts in a time of war.

Do you think Denny actually believes this stuff? Let’s send him packing. Montanans have to keep Rehberg from serving a fifth term.

  1. Marguerite

    “The day will come that we will thank him (Bush) for what he’s doing.”

    You frequently hear the argument that history will honor Bush’s decision to invade Iraq like history honors Truman’s decision to sacrifice two Japanese cities to end a war. However, it was not history that has vindicated Truman, it was the people who write history. I fear we that we run a similar risk with Bush.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    I hope that someone has it on tape. What a great commercial for Hunt, Dopey Rheburp saying Bush is a great success! That Dopey, what a kidder!

  3. You know, many people say Britney Spears is also a victim of her own success. Let’s hope this doesn’t mean K. Fed gets custody of the nation.

  4. Duncan Idaho

    For a counterpoint to Rehberg’s assessment, check out
    this pithy review of the recent History News Network survey of professional historians
    , 61% of whom now rate Bush’s presidency as the Worst Ever, even though there’s still 10 painful months left in the thing.
    Emphasis added in the quote below:

    “As far as history goes and all of these quotes about people trying to guess what the history of the Bush administration is going to be, you know, I take great comfort in knowing that they don’t know what they are talking about, because history takes a long time for us to reach,” President Bush told Fox News Sunday Feb. 10, 2008.

    The recent poll, however, suggests that President Bush grossly underestimated the period of time it would take historians to rank his administration.

  5. outsider222

    (How long will it take us to reach last month?)

    I wish I had 1/10th of his self assurance. Ignorance is bliss.

  6. Big Swede

    I wonder how the History News Network rated Ronnie as president? Did they say the same things about him as they’re saying abot W? I think the most important poll is from the people, see below. Hint: Check out no. 10.

  7. Yes, the people certainly have more in-depth knowledge about the effectiveness of American Presidents than historians.

    Want to bet that most Americans couldn’t even name half of the Presidents?

  8. petetalbot


    If we’re going by polls, that same AOL story you linked us to had its own poll. Sixty-two percent of the people responding ranked George W. in the bottom third of all the presidents, ever.

  9. Dan

    Sorry Pogie but your dead wrong. As a professional historian I can state unequivocally that historians do indeed have considerable knowledge about the effectiveness of U.S. Presidents. Not only the Presidents, but the effectiveness of the administrations and their policies (domestic and foreign) is a rich field of historical study.

  10. sisterearth

    Maybe some LSD would be just what Rehberg needs- some sort of reality check, indeed-

    What an Elitist-

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