How Can Brown Run the State When He Can’t Even File His Returns?

by jhwygirl

Seems the Good Governor Brian found time to file both his state and federal returns while running the state, running a re-election campaign and meeting with two presidential candidates.

All Roy Brown did was file his extensions.

Doesn’t sound very “get ‘er done” to me.

  1. petetalbot

    Oh-oh. I guess I won’t be running for governor (collective sigh of relief from Montana voters). I think I’ve filed for an extension the last ten out of twelve years.

  2. Hmm… How do I trim my pingback quote?

  3. goof houlihan

    It’s quite the stretch to claim “indolence” or “monkey business” when someone files an extension. Which is if for Pete? I’d guess neither. Millions of people file extensions every year.

    Here’s hopin for another month of snow, too. Nothing like a snowy May to encourage people to move to warmer climates.

  4. stimson

    There is no excuse for Roy Brown failing to pay his taxes on time. The deadline is April 15th. No news flash there. Roy Brown has fought tooth and nail every effort of the Governor to ensure that out of state corporations and non-residents pay there taxes on in full and on time. As they say birds of a feather flock together.

    Then again, Roy is probably just their bag man.

  5. JacksonMontana

    Ridiculous! And the man wants to run the State of Montana? Mr. Brown needs to stick to the oil business.

  6. Cleveland

    Roy Brown has a long history of tax aversion. His tax plan would give millions of dollars to out of state corporations. INcluding his former employer Marathon Oil Company, which is enjoying record profits, and leave everyday Montana families footing the bill.

  7. stimson

    The real question is this: Will he disclose his taxes before the primary and/or general election? What is the purpose of the extension? I am sure the guy has an accountant.

    What is the meaning behind this delay tactic?

  1. 1 Gov Race Monkey Business

    […] Jhwygirl makes an important point when she asks the question about Roy Brown’s intention to run the entire state when he can’t be bothered to file his taxes. I know this is an issue for lots of people out there, but someone seriously running for the office of Governor doesn’t get a pass like your average joe. This rhetorical question would be very important if Brown’s delay was a result of indolence… But it’s not. Brown likely didn’t file for an extension because he needed more time–he’s delaying because he doesn’t want Montanans to see how deep big oil reaches into his bank account. With gas prices rising like my ire everytime it snows lately, I’d imagine Roy doesn’t want anyone to know who pays to fill his tank. No waiting till November; it’s time for him to come clean. […]

  2. 2 Don’t Miss the Big Oil $ Count for Republican Roy Brown « 4&20 blackbirds

    […] gubernatorial candidate Roy Brown – who you might recall can’t seem to find time to file his taxes – has racked up quite a bit of cash from oil industry insiders and their associates. Nearly $52,000 […]

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