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by Pete Talbot

(CLARIFICATION: The Miles City event on July 25 is the platform convention.  The delegate selection convention is on Sunday, June 8 in Helena.)

This summer, Montana Democrats will be holding their convention in Miles City. The Republican’s convention is here in Missoula. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Now, I appreciate doing outreach to the disenfranchised voters by holding conventions in disparate locations but with gas prices the way they are, there’s going to be some pricey cross-country driving for the GOP and Democratic faithful.

Anyway, each party will be picking delegates to go to the national conventions later in the summer. I don’t know about the Republicans but there’s going to be more competition than usual for the 16 Democratic delegate slots. First, the national convention is in Denver, which is close to home, for a change. Second, once we get this pesky little nominee situation settled, it should be a rockin’ good convention.

Which half?

Speaking of delegates, Clinton has a slight lead over Obama in the national super delegate category, 274.5-271. How do you get half a delegate? And which half is it — the left or right, or top or bottom?

Nooney, again

Republican candidate for HD 100, Bill Nooney, had a guest opinion piece in last Sunday’s Missoulian. He’s advocating for a Medicare/Medicaid program that helps seniors and others, and is about to be phased out. Funny, though, when Nooney was in the legislature last session he voted against setting up a trust fund for Montana’s Aging Services. He also voted against expanding CHIP, the children’s health insurance program.

Maybe he’s practicing a little of that compassionate conservatism that the Republicans are so famous for. Nooney needs to look better in the eyes of his constituency. His voting record on his district’s interests was horrendous. He’ll have some stiff competition from whichever Democrat makes it through the primary — both Gary Brown and Willis Curdy are raising money and hitting the doors.

by Jay Stevens

While I’m busy bashing Ron Paul…did anyone see the latest from the Paul Bearers? Paulville!

A group of ardent backers of Ron Paul, the maverick congressman and Republican presidential candidate, are flocking to, a Web site that promises to help them set up exclusive residential enclaves open only to the like-minded — presumably to help them replicate in the physical world the comfortable feeling they’ve experienced online, of being fenced-off from the rest of us.

The Times’ blog has a clip from Ron Paul Television — Ron Paul television??? — highlights include:

…what would make people want to give up their jobs and move to Paulville?

(laughs) Freedom and liberty?

I don’t know! I mean, that’s basically it, to be around other supporters and to be in a town that is of supporters of freedom and liberty? Kind of a freedom and liberty oriented town?

…it can’t be a town, it has to be privately held, because then you can control who can and can’t come into it, so if somebody, let’s say somebody comes in that’s a…a…total socialist and wants to come in and rock the boat, you could say, no! This is privately held, you can’t come in!

I wonder if they have a plan for booting anyone out that deviates from the officially sanctioned version of Freedom and Liberty over time.


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