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by jhwygirl

I guess this would be an official endorsement, folks.

I think E. Willis Curdy is the best candidate to oust Bill Nooney (who doesn’t even live in HD-100) from his seat as representative for HD-100.

House District 100

Curdy is also the best person to bring some logic back to the state house, with his 30 years of experience as a high school teacher (talk about herding cats!). He’s been a Bitterroot Hotshot and a Missoula Smokejumper – both jobs that require strong leadership and teamwork to work successfully, and he’s also been a USFS pilot (6 years) – again, another example of working well with leadership and teams.

For flat-out political experience, Curdy has served as trustee for the Missoula Rural Fire District for 4 years and also as a trustee for Big Flat Irrigation District for 6 years.

Nooney has voted against K-12 school funding, while Curdy not only has a background in education, but he also has a strong platform of supporting K-12 education. Education is important, and investing in Montana’s kids – our future – is part of that picture.

Curdy believes in small government – in the ability of local governments to control its local issues. Nooney, on the other hand, would prefer to have Helena regulating gravel pits and other development issues that arise in your back yard. Tell me – which perspective is smaller government?

Maybe Nooney’s support of gravel pits and less local control is due to his love for real estate $ to help support his last election bid. I also notice he’s taken some $ from self-professed lobbyists and the Montana Petroleum Marketers Association. Check it out.

I guess if you’re going to outspend your opponent 3-1, like he did in 2006, you’re going to have to take cash from developers and lobbyists.

Here’s Curdy’s top priorities:

My first priority is to increase funding for our public schools and freeze postsecondary tuition for Montana residents for the next two years. I will work to strengthen the role of county governments to work with property owners to protect their property, property values, and their health and livelihoods when developers seek to locate gravel pits and cement and asphalt plant operations in residential areas. I will work to protect property owners against higher property taxes resulting from increased value of their property brought by reappraisal.

How, think about Nooney’s, which are to weaken K-12 and weaken local government through heavier state regulation. Nooney’s against higher taxes – I’m sure he’d tell you that – but consider that he’s more supportive of state regulation of development issues than having local governments do it and I think you’ll understand that Nooney is a hypocrite. Nooney voted against the state’s CHIP program and he’s voted against funding Montana Aging Services.

Nooney’s got to go. Missoula needs someone in the legislature that can work with people and get stuff done. Curdy has the resume to do just that.

Vote E. Willis Curdy in the June 3rd primary for HD-100.

~~footnote: The Missoulian has a piece overviewing both Democratic candidates for HD-100. Check it out.

by jhwygirl

Andrea Palm, Senior Health Policy Advisor to Senator Hillary Clinton is coming to town for a special Progressive Happy Hour, sponsored by Forward Montana.

Reforming our Health Care System is this coming Thursday at the Badlander. The event is free and open to the public. Doors open at 5, and the presentation by Ms. Palm begins at 5:30.

Palm serves on Clinton’s senate staff, and Senator Clinton sits on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee. Palm handles the Senator’s health committee work as well as her health agenda more broadly.

This is a pretty darn unique opportunity to discuss reforming our healthcare system with a top political expert in the field.

For more information on the event, click on the Forward Montana link, above. For more specifics on Clinton’s healthcare proposal, click this.

by jhwygirl

The Missoulian has a common-sense editorial in Sunday’s paper, chastising Bonner Milltown Community Council (BMCC) for turning down a $75,000 grant for smart growth the the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Earlier this month, the BMCC withdrew its support of application for the grant – while refusing to take public comment from the 40+ people present, including Director of Missoula Office of Planning & Grants’ Roger Millar. One member, Gary Matson, resigned.

Withdrawal was based on a BMCC subcommittee’s recommendation.

Jeff Patterson, candidate for Missoula County Board of County Commission and member of the BMCC submcommittee, described Roger Millar and the group of 40+ people that attended the meeting as “mob of people” solicited by Matson “who have not been educated on what it is we are pursuing.”

Yeah, if Planning Director Roger Millar hasn’t been edumicated yet, he sure has been now, right Jeff Patterson?

Jeff Patterson, you might recall, was on the short list of Republicans to replace Barbara Evans and has filed for the current county commission race as a Democrat. He’s also an often hypercritical participant in the Milltown Redevelopment Working Group.

Fellow Republican and candidate for HD-97 Carol Minjares jumped on that local republican anti-smart growth bandwagon immediately – calling Millar “disingenuous” and defining city planners as anti-property rights:

It is the passion of the city planners, the ones who restrict future property rights based on flawed models and faulty data.

uh-huh. Nice. Let’s just keep it growth as usual and see where that gets us in traffic and air quality and taxes for basic services. And if there are any perspective pig farmers out there, I highly recommend you propose moving your facilities next to her property and see where she lands on property rights then. If she’s really a hypocrite, she hates planners but lives in a zoned part of the county..

One wonders what point she was trying to make with this post, titled Downtown Planning: Geniuses at Work – because she quickly digresses into criticizing real estate investment downtown – investment is a bad thing? – and bemoaning the number of poorly run condo projects downtown – and poorly run condo associations are the blame of planners?


Gotta love those Missoula Republicans – at least they’re consistent.

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