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a guestpost by Dustin Hankinson

Dustin Hankinson has graciously provided us with guest post, telling us a little about him and explaining his reasons for running for the Representative for State House District 91. Dustin Hankinson’s website can be found here. ~~Thanks Dustin…by jhwygirl

On this Memorial Day, I’d like to begin by saying that we are fortunate to have men and women committed to fighting for our freedoms. They are not free and those in uniform pay that price voluntarily. To them, I want to wish safety and the chance to come home to stay.

I was born in Superior where my family settled around a century or so. My grandma on the Hankinson side served as Mineral County Clerk of District Court for years before retiring in the 1990’s. My Aunt on the Hankinson side is a sitting Judge in Colorado. Civil service is a family tradition, one which we do not take lightly. Responsibility and accountability are foremost in our value set. If elected, I promise to be responsible with the trust of the people of House District 91, but I also promise to be accountable for every decision I make. Legislators should be available to everyone to explain why they voted a certain way or made a certain decision. The people should be foremost in all legislative work.

One of my main motivations for running for HD 91 is to return a certain set of principles to the Montana Legislature. I was principally raised by my grandma on my mother’s side. She was from a different era and she instilled an old-fashioned philosophy in me. First, speak honestly. Second, respect everyone, even people you disagree with. Third, be mindful and responsible. Admit when you’re wrong and be humble when right. These principles are my guides in life and this campaign.

I could lay out my entire resume here but ultimately what matters is whether I will do what’s right. Have I advocated before the Legislature for ten years? Yes. Have I written a bill and followed it through process? Yes. Have I always advocated for the rights of Montanans, even those who have
been trampled and minimized? Yes. The most important question of all to the people in HD 91 is will I do the same for you? Yes, I will. Even if I were the only person in the Capitol to take a certain position, if it was right for the people, I would stand and speak regardless of the consequences. It’s
what citizens of this place we all treasure deserve.

Before I end this, I want to give you some specific positions on issues. I think Montana should become a center for clean energy research and production. I did send a position letter out with the idea of a ban on all construction of new coal fired power plants. Just to clarify, there would be
exceptions in this bill but only for those proposals that could PROVE their plant would have negligible emissions and environmental impact. I think we need new revenue allocated to education every session until Montana students are among the best in the world. I think Montana needs to come up with new ways to generate revenue besides raising taxes on someone every two years and that revenue should then be leveraged to cover as many people with medical insurance as possible. Finally, I think our freedoms and civil liberties need protected more intensely than ever so that the independence that’s characteristic of Montanans can continue against the Federal tightening of policy that has been occurring.

Well, this is Dustin Hankinson as Democratic Candidate for HD 91. If you want Montana moving forward, if you want accountability from those you elect, if you want someone to begin to reverse the corporate coddling that’s wormed its way into Montana, then you want Dustin Hankinson as your
Representative in Helena. Finally, I would ask, no matter what your opinion or position is, that you please vote on Tuesday, June 3 and in the General Election in November. It’s our government so use the ballot to say your piece.

Thank you kindly.

by jhwygirl

I caught this on KECI news last night, but there still isn’t any link to provide. If one does show up, I’ll update.

But people – please! – leash those dogs when you hiking Mt. Jumbo or Mt. Sentinel or the Waterworks Hill.

2 sheep were killed recently when dogs were left to roam unleashed on Mt. Jumbo (pretty sure it was Jumbo). Sheep are used every year by local officials – who lease the sheep and their herder – to help manage weeds in the open space that surrounds this city.

For those of you who don’t know, sheep can – literally – be scared to death. They’re pretty fragile animals, even the domestic ones.

Lending leashes are available at the trailheads. USE THEM. While there aren’t any rules (this was said in the newstory) requiring people to leash their dogs in the open space, owners whose dogs that can’t stay under voice command are asked to leash their animals. Better safe than sorry – as unless your pooch is used to being around farm animals, you really should be leashing your pet.

Like I said – it doesn’t take much to kill a sheep. It’s unnecessary, really, considering that not only are there lending leashes available, there are other local options for walking the dog.

If you don’t like to leash your dog, head to Jacob’s Island dog park at 5th and Van Buren or go down to the state’s Forestry Division Nursery off of Spurgin – hell, there your dog can take a dip in the irrigation ditch. There’s plenty of other places too – another one that comes to mind is the open space down off of Tower, next to the river. Lots of place to run your pooch out there.

by jhwygirl

Boy, the events keep coming! One week before our primary, I hope we can keep up with them all!

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has announced visits to Pablo and Billings for Tuesday, May 27th. First, Clinton will speak at the Salish Kootenai College in Pablo. Doors open at 1:30 p.m., and the Senator is expected to speak sometime around 3:30 p.m. The event is entitled “Solutions for America”, and the town hall-style meeting will be held in front of Darcy McNickle Library, at the intersection of Division Street and U.S. Highway 93 North.

Later, in Billings, Clinton will speak in The Magic City at the Heritage Building in Metra Park. Doors open at 6 p.m.

by jhwygirl

Two events are planned for here in Missoula for Wednesday for the Obama campaign.

First, Jean Carnahan, former Senator from Missouri and Betsy Myers, Nation Chair of Women for Obama will be in town this Wednesday for a special discussion over coffee, titled Women for Obama.

The event is being held at the Florence Hotel, starting at 9:30 a.m.

Carnahan was the first woman from Missouri to serve in the Senate, taking the seat from 2001 to 2002 after her husband won the 2000 election posthumously. She is an advocate for on-site daycare centers for working families and Habitat for Humanity. Her son is two-term (seeking his third) Congressman John Russell Carnahan, of St. Louis.

Meyers joined the Obama campaign in January 2007. She is the former White House Director of Women’s Initiative’s under the Clinton Administration.

Second, Joan Ellen Davis, a republican, is hosting a Republicans for Obama event here in Missoula at the campaign headquarters on Front Street. The event begins at 5:45 p.m.

Yes – Montana is actually going to experience a real presidential election cycle, folks. Very exciting. Former President Clinton’s been here a couple of times already, and Obama was in Bozeman and at the Crow Agency last week. Rumors abound, too, last week, that Chelsea was going to be here too.

Very very exciting.

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