Shakespeare Soothes

by jhwygirl

Scotty McClellan has raised his ire – as he has mine. I was kinda harsh on Shakespeare yesterday, and felt bad about it. After all, it isn’t his fault that Scotty is a MF’n liar (and for me, that’s putting it mildly).

Well, today he posts up another bit on the liar dude, and it calmed me, somehow. It was these two paragraphs, from Cintra Wilson writing in Salon, that he put up:

But the bottom line is, Scott is telling the truth: The truth is dead. And you’re never going to see it again. It’s in heaven now, with Chandra Levy and JonBenet Ramsey and Nicole Brown Simpson. He understands your grief, but getting angry won’t bring it back.

Worst of all, where to put the blame in Washington is never entirely clear — all the alleys are big and dark, and everyone knows that if blame is ever placed anywhere higher than the collective navel, it will only get deflected.

It doesn’t make sense to try and make sense of something that isn’t going to make sense.

Sometimes you have to accept exactly that.

Thanks Shakespeare.

  1. Waterboarding Scotty Mac would have been harsh, J-Girl. You were merely telling it like it is.

  2. Mayor of Mayhem

    J girl, where do I begin? This cubscout wannabe lied to America for years and now says he was not in the loop. When he lied about Rove and Libby even the reporters in the room were laughing. Give me a break, I’ve met carneys who were more sincere. If he wasn’t part of the problem he’s the stupidest press secretary in history.
    The real problem is whatever comes out in print will never amount to anyone going to jail. Ask Scooter Libby. Bush and his boys are busy passing laws making it impossible to touch them after they are out of office. The laws on torture come to mind.
    Cintra Wilson is right “the truth is dead” long live the spin.

  3. So simple to say that the truth is dead. And so wrong. Augusto Pinochet and his goons told lie after lie about the people they murdered. Yet it only took a judge with courage to bring him to justice. The Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg never thought that their many public and private utterances would end up in the courtroom.

    Let’s not get all “Chinatown” on this issue. We know what Bush and Cheney and Powell lied to get us into the Iraq War. We have them and their minions such as McClellan on film. There shall be an accounting in 2009.

  4. Mike, I hope you’re right. I still like Elizabeth de la Vega’s approach: Charge them with Conspiracy to Defraud the United States.

    Vincent Bugliosi has other ideas, but I have not yet seen his new book.

  5. Mayor of Mayhem

    Mike, I used to think you were right until the 2006 elections. Nancy Pelosi said “impeachment is off the table”.I fear our politicians are so corrupt and compromised that none of them can act. If i am wrong (which I hope I am), why are they letting troops die everyday in Iraq for a war that we were lied into. We can all look back at Nazi atrocities now and denounce them. There weren’t to many speaking out before world war 2.
    If McCain is elected I suspect we will get more of the same with absolutely no accountability.
    Pinochet lived a long and happy life.

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