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by Jay Stevens

 Update: The short story. The Missoula County Republicans did not write a check to Jeff Patterson; and Jeff Patterson did not report a contribution from the Missoula County Republicans.

The long story. Just wanting to check up on my source, I went over to the County Elections office and looked at Jeff’s C-5. The donation from the Missoula County Republican part was filed in Patterson’s report.

About ten minutes after verifying the donation, I got a call from a friend who told me there had been a mix-up. The donation was actually for HD96 Republican candidate, Steve Eschenbacher, Mr. Rabid Insanity. (While not the best candidate, IMHO, he is a Republican.)

Apparently the donation slip had been mistakenly placed in Patterson’s report.

My apologies to Jeff and the Missoula County Republican party. I take back everything I said about spines and skulking! (Beyond the usual stuff, I mean…ha ha.) Pass the word on to anyone who might have seen this…let’s hope there’s time to undo the damage…
* * *

What’s up with state Republicans this primary season? First it’s a Chuck Denowh PAC playing in a Democratic state senate primary, now it’s the Missoula County Republicans…

A little birdie told me that on the C-5 campaign finance filing for “Democratic” county commissioner candidate, Jeff Patterson, there’s a $650 donation from a certain, “Missoula County Central Committee,” listing its address as “P.O. Box 2082” in Missoula’s 59806 area code.

Do a quick Google search on that address, and what organization comes up?

The Missoula County Republicans.

Reminds of the central committee’s hijinx during the last municipal elections, when much fuss was made by conservatives over the county Democrats’ endorsement of city council candidates, while county Republicans made surreptitious donations to candidates claiming they were Democrats.

Look, I realize Missoula is a tough place to be a Republican, but backing a Democrat in a primary? And cutting out the word, “Republican,” on your filing? Classy.

Missoula’s central committee could learn a thing or two from the troika of College Republicans running for local legislative seats. They, at least, have the courage to proclaim their affiliation up front, and promise to make the races spirited and concentrate on issues that affect students. Maybe they won’t win the race, but at least we’ll have a discussion.

Consider this an anti-endorsement for Jeff Patterson and a challenge to county Republicans to stop their skulking and grow some spine.

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