Who Needs a M or a L?

by Rebecca Schmitz

When you have this on a mountainside? Courtesy of Barack Obama, one of my contacts on Flickr (don’t be too impressed; anyone can be his friend on the site), is a picture of someone’s tribute to the candidate here in Montana.

Does anyone know where it’s located?

Update: Never mind. Apparently it’s on Mount Helena.

  1. DriveFastTakeChances

    Who needs an M or L ?
    That’s an easy question to answer— the jocks, the nuns, and open-space managers.
    Jocks need the M for freshman hazing-pranks. The nuns need the L. I don’t know why they need it, but they do. Remember a few years back- folks kept moving the white-rocks to spell out things on the hill— like 420. It was important enough for the nuns, to fly helicopter loads of cement up there and fix it. The open-space managers need both the M and the L. why?–this should be obvious— to preserve them both as unique wildlife habitat, and to preserve them for future generations enjoyment. Go Obama!

  2. Er…the title wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

  3. DriveFastTakeChances

    Of course it wasn’t meant to be taken literally. My comments weren’t meant to be taken seriously. Jesh…..everyone knows we don’t need the M or the L, or the piece sign ( old-or new).

    GO OBAMA!!!

  4. DriveFastTakeChances

    er—we don,t need a peace sign either

  5. goof houlihan

    I don’t think it’s zoned for that. And the “M” is a fine

  6. goof houlihan

    bit of nostalgia. Usually the Montana Conservation Corps works on the one outside of Bozeman.

    What do you have against the MCC? ;-)

  7. When it comes to letters on mountains, my all-time favorite has to be the big BM outside of Battle Mountain, Nevada. It rather aptly describes the town and the surrounding desolate landscape.

  8. Jim Lang

    For mountain-decorating, I think the Rude Man is the tops.

  9. Am I the only old geezer around here? When Baucus was running for office very early in his career—1974?—his supporters went up at night, with papier mache, I think, and changed the “M” on Mount Sentinel to “MAX,” with the other two letters as big as the first. As anyone who’s been up to the “M” knows, that was one hell of one-night project.

    The man used to be full of surprises.

  10. petetalbot

    Is this THE Ed Kemmick? Now you no longer have your City Lights blog, I guess you have time to comment over here. I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away from the blogosphere. It’s as addictive as cheap meth.

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