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by jhwygirl

A bill (HR 3058) that would have extended payments for 4 more years to rural communities throughout the west via the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000 (SRS) failed in a largely party-line vote today in Congress. Rehberg voted against extending it.

For some background on this, check this piece that I did back in January.

SRS is funded by timber sales on federal lands, and helps rural communities – based on the amount of untaxed federal lands – pay for services such as police, fire, teachers, roads and emergency services.

174 Republicans and 19 Democrats – Dennis Rehberg amongst them – objected to the inclusion of provisions for the establishment of conservation of resources fees for federal oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico.

Rehberg and friends also objected to the requirement that the Secretary of the Interior incorporate price thresholds applicable to royalty suspension provisions, or amend existing price thresholds, of a specified amount per barrel for oil and per million Btu for natural gas for any lease for Central and Western Gulf of Mexico tracts issued during the period of January 1, 1998, through December 31, 1999.

In other words, Rehberg chose Big Oil over Montana’s rural communities.

Way to go there, Lap Dog!

by jhwygirl

Bob Jaffe reports today from his MissoulaGov listserv that in a discussion regarding West Broadway and the traffic diet and accident data, Ward 5’s Renee Mitchell closed out the Public Safety committee meeting today by rehashing the worn suggestion that a pedestrian activated light at Burton would have solved the (serious) accident problem – there were how many deaths there too? – and that (this is paraphrased from Jaffe’s post) “the people getting killed were just drunks anyway.”


And this is a woman who campaigned, if I recall correctly, on transportation issues?

If she says this kind of stuff out loud, one can only wonder what goes banging around that pretty little head of hers.

by Jay Stevens

As always, Digby nails it:

As to what happens next, you all know that I believe this is the Democrats’ year and I think that as soon as everyone licks their wounds and takes a little rest and, more importantly, sees what the Republicans are going to unleash on Obama and the Democratic party, we will all make our way back together. As I wrote the other night, I think both of the leaders need to do their part to make that happen, and I expect they will, for both personal and political reasons.

Finally, whoever you supported in this race and however your feel about the candidates, there still remains the problem of our sick, sick political media and that’s something that the blogosphere — as alternative media — need to sort through. I know that many of you have felt that this campaign’s coverage wasn’t as bad as I have painted it. But I think that when we look back on this we will see that it was yet another disgraceful performance on the part of our mainstream media (and, alas, our “liberal” media as well.) There is a lot to be written about that and I’m hopeful we can all look at this with clear eyes once we take a breather.

Clinton will officially suspend the campaign on Friday, (which is perfectly in keeping with the usual timing of these things contrary to the gasbags’ ahistorical and overwrought blathering of last night.) We will see what the Republicans have in store for us. And maybe we can start behaving like ourselves again. Family fights are always painful, but they are usually easily healed as well. Here’s to the end of the Long March of 2008. It’s been real.

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