Is Huckabee Out as VP Selection?

by jhwygirl

Personable, banjo bass -playin’ and loved by evangelicals, Huckabee has been the odds-on favorite for McCain’s VP pick – especially given McCain’s woes with Pastor Hagee and Pastor Parsley.

So why is he taking a job as a Fox News commentator?

In Texas this weekend, at the Texas Republican Convention, evangelicals were reluctant to back McCain. Huckabee and Romney spoke at the convention, with both urging folks to come together to support McCain.

Geez – you wouldn’t think it’d be that hard, at this point, for McCain. Especially in Texas.

Maybe Huckabee’s Fox News platform is more valuable to the party than having Huckabee on the ticket?

  1. MM

    I don’t believe that lining up a job with Fox should necessarily be any indicator for Huckabee. I’m not sure what McCain’s strategy may be, but arguably the evangelical vote will be an interesting one to watch, regardless of who McCain picks as his Vice President.

    After all, Obama did launch his Joshua Generation Project to attempt to court some religious voters to his side.

    It should be an interesting demographic to watch, with or without Mike Huckabee.

  2. Heath

    It will be interesting to watch. Evangelicals are tepid at best for McCain, and many are wary of Mitt for several reasons. If evangelicals go for Obama, it will be at the expense of giving up the pro-life, pro-traditional marriage issues; doesn’t make a lot of sense to me for them to do that, but I suppose they could.

    Oh, and btw, Huckabee plays bass guitar, not banjo.

  3. Thanks for that correction, Heath.

    I wonder if evangelicals will just turn away from the polls.

    There’s been a turn in focus in a lot of churches from moving away from the individually moral issues you cite – things that can be as much a part of individuality and having significant impact – toward environmentalism, and taking care of Mother Earth, and social issues, shifting towards focusing government towards a “What would Jesus do?” type of approach.

    I don’t know if that will make a difference – but Obama certainly has a better ethos towards environmental issues than McCain. Universal health care, too, he’d clearly have the upper hand on. Both of those issues know no religion.

  4. goof houlihan

    “Obviously, the base of the party is not really excited about John McCain,” said Tim Lambert of Lubbock, who heads the state’s largest home-school organization. “I think he’s not reaching out to the base, not reaching out to the evangelicals. Bob Dole made that mistake in 1996.”

    No, evangelicals made that mistake in 1996, and compounded it by being so intent on religious establishment in 2000 that they supported a moron.

    And environmentalism has become a religion, as well, embracing the mystical and irrational and adopting, as we learn from the westminster, that humans are evil from birth, infecting an eden for animals and plants.

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