Bicyclist Killed on North Reserve

by jhwygirl

A bicyclist was killed Thursday afternoon when he was struck by a truck, just north of Costco, near the exit to West Broadway.

City police officer Sgt. Shawn Paul is still investigating – but the bicyclist didn’t have any identification, and the department may end up seeking help in identifying the man.

The Missoulian story notes that the bicycle lane changes width in that area and that the solid fog line becomes dotted in that area. It’s unclear whether the truck drove into the cyclist, or visa versa.


  1. I’ll bet the cyclist was trying to go up over the bridge and got hammered by a driver turning right to Bway. It does get dicey there. Same with trying to go straight on Broadway eastbound where you turn right to go onto Reserve. The drivers will kill you there if you don’t take the driving lane aggressively and let them know you’re not turning right.

    The drivers are all in a big hurry out there. There are better ways for cyclists to get through the area than taking the main drag.

  2. Jason Wiener

    There are better ways for cyclists to get through the area than taking the main drag.

    Uh. Show me the way.


  3. The problem is the cyclist’s choice and not the drivers’ careless hurry?

  4. goof houlihan

    Maybe it was the cyclist’s careless hurry. I haven’t heard any definitive investigation results, but it isn’t always the motorized vehicle’s fault. Whomever was at fault, though, the cyclist paid the price.

    Those are big beasts out there on the road, worthy of some serious caution.

    I used to commute on a bike in a large southern city, very tough duty, and ride for fun too, my sew ups carefully avoiding the crushed glass whenever possible while I also eyed the car going by for a right turn. It’s not really a matter of fault, but of physics.

  5. goof houlihan

    Like any fatal vehicle accident, it’s a damn shame and didn’t have to happen but for carelessness and lack of watching out for the other guy.

    I feel for the family of the unknown victim, yet to know of their loss.

  6. Jason, you ever ride out there? Better to use Great Northern, England, Latimer, or Palmer, to get around that place, than use Reserve itself. Even turning east on Bway from Great Northern and crossing to Railroad St. is easier than using Reserve, because the traffic always seems to break nicely there. Depends on where you’re going.

    We could use a parallel side street like Great Northern on the west side of Reserve, by the way. Those side streets take a lot of pressure off Reserve and help us worker bees get around.

  7. Jason Wiener

    As I understand it, this cyclist was traveling from the south side of Broadway to the north side of Broadway. He was north of Northern Pacific and there’s no way through that bottleneck except the bridge he was on, a street constructed so that conflicts like what happened are inevitable.

    You must know the area well enough to realize that.

  8. If my memory is correct, there’s been at least 3 accidents in less than a year that have involved big trucks – the one that killed a cyclist at Mullan & Reserve (I think that one was found to be the cyclists fault, no?), one near the Hip Strip (which was a friend of a friend), which didn’t kill anyone, but a serious injury – and that was the trucks fault because it was in the wrong lane making a turn, and swung out even wider, and the third being this current death.

    The drivers sit up high, and I think that they’ve got their sights on their turn, and even if they think to look in their side mirrors, they’re not noticing bicyclists because they don’t even make the mirror. They’re used to looking for cars – and lord knows, I’ve nearly been taken out by semis switching lanes to make turns on business routes.

    The accident near the Hip Strip? That trucker had insurance agents and attorneys in the hospital immediately after the accident, trying to settle with the bicyclist. They lied and said they were family – and when friends realized that they weren’t even supposed to be there, they refused to leave.

    I wonder what the stats are on bicyclist v. semi trucks? Even just here in Missoula?

  9. goof houlihan

    Delivery trucks are less predictable. Might have to check my “pro business card” at the door with that observation, but, they turn right faster and without as much warning, can have some big maintenance issues that affect steering and braking and sight lines, and are usually not operated by the professionals that drive over the road semis either. Those building materials delivery trucks, whoo boy, watch out!

  10. Don’t forget UPS and FedEx trucks. Fast, unpredictable, always in a hurry. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve found one parked in my bike lane…

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