A walk on the mild side II

by Pete Talbot

It’s a gorgeous sunset to the west from the Holiday Garden Inn parking lot. I’ve donned another clean oxford shirt and I’m back at the Montana Republican state convention, as promised.

Just in time for keynote speaker Ron Paul. I’ve heard his rap before in Missoula and the crowd at UM was more enthusiastic than here.

Paul’s speech ran long, too long for this crowd. He had about 25% of the audience in the palm of his hand but the rest of the rank-and-file wanted the rah-rah, go Montana Republican message.

Paul presented the same subject: freedom, freedom, freedom. It’s hard to go wrong with that message but I saw eyes gloss over at the Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF, UN portion of Paul’s speech. The guy can talk but I don’t think this was the message that most in the Montana GOP came to hear.

(Just got a cute beverage coozie from a Denny Rehberg staffer. It’s shaped like a cowboy boot and says “Boot PAC.” I’ll have to check that one out.)

I can’t find senate candidate Bob Kelleher anywhere and haven’t seen former Senator Conrad Burns either, although I heard he was auctioning off some cool Republican booty at a fundraiser.

It was just announced to me, in a bitter voice, that the delegate slate advanced by the executive nominating committee was accepted. I’m not sure what that means but since this info came from a Ron Paul supporter, I’m guessing there won’t be a lot of Ron Paul delegates from Montana going to the national convention in St. Paul.

There are Republican youths working the tables and some of the seniors are making their way back to their rooms. A convention is a convention and as much as it pains me to write this, go to Carol’s Missoulapolis for the blow-by-blow. She has better typing skills, understands the Republican mindset better than I ever will and is about as close to gonzo Republican blogging as you’ll ever see.

  1. goof houlihan

    Pete, you’ve got your insights too. Once Paul starts in with that Lyndon LaRouche crap he speaks to his core constituency, so for every glazed Republican eye there’s a Constitutionalist Establishmentarian fired up and ready to apply a litmus test a purify the Republican party of “liberals”.

    AP is reporting today that the slate was all McCain candidates.

    I guess the “liberals” won that round. Now let’s see if the Ron Paul crowd votes Republican in the general, or stays home and elects BHO.

  2. Pretty sure most of them will write in his name…same diff.

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