Looks Like Rey Can’t Hide Anymore

by jhwygirl

Not when the Washington Post is on your you-know-what.

Guess he’s going to have to stop making excuses now.

Oops. Linky fixed. Sorry.


  1. The link is linkless!

  2. there is a complete vaccuum of integrity within the hallowed halls of our federal government. no attempt is made to even try to look good while the administrators in charge pilfer and profit themselves and their friends.

    good citizens must end the disease of rewarding bad behavior. unless change happens soon, our entire system of government could become too sick to heal. people like Rey are every bit as treasonous as Cheney was in identifying a CIA operative for political gain, and every bit as treasonous as Bush in lying about Iraq.

    our kids aren’t learning to do the right thing here. they are learning to get as much as you can before the other guy does. that is sad.

  3. goof houlihan

    “Environmentalists, to their surprise, found that timber and mining were easier on the countryside.

    “Now that Plum Creek is getting out of the timber business, we’re kind of missing the loggers,” said Ray Rasker, executive director of Headwaters Economics, a nonprofit that studies land management in the West. ”

    “We’ve kept it beautiful for you
    so don’t you screw up Montana.
    If ya think you have all the answers go on home.
    We’ve used the range and the timber,
    and I hope you will remember
    the more you do
    the more you screw up Montana”. (the Ringling Five)

    Of course it’s hard to argue when passing by the Anaconda site or Butte’s big hole that trophy homes are harder on the environment than what you see there. But mining copper and gold does seem a little more, useful?, noble?, productive? than putting in yet another crop of giant homes. Of course, people who live in those homes will donate to the Sierra club to stop logging and mining, they love the forest, and they’ll have a bumper sticker on their Suburban to prove it.

  4. JC

    Ray Rasker should go back to the Sonoran Institute. When he distributes little sound bites like that, and his econo-nonprofit has a mission note like this:

    “Communications – We translate complex economic and ecological concepts into terms that are easy to understand by non-specialists, and distribute these lessons to audiences who can make a difference.”

    Well, then he’s really missed the point, and doesn’t understand Montanans very well yet. We can tell the difference between a mine, a logging unit, and a mansion without the 6-year-old’s translation.

    And Goof, I think those bumper stickers on the Suburbans would probably be for the Blue Ribbon Coalition and the NRA. Sierra Clubbers driving burbs get ex-communicated pretty fast…

    And from what I’ve heard, most of the land sold by PC up by Placid Lake goes to second and retirement homes for PC execs.

    Got to give PC some kudos, though. I sure picked a mess of morels off some trashed and burned land up the north fork of Placid Creek this weekend.

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