Montana means nothing to McCain

by Pete Talbot

John McCain is spending the Fourth at his home in Sedona, Arizona. Barack Obama is in Butte, America. He and his family will watch the parade and then host a picnic.

This is Obama’s second visit to the Mining City. I wonder if he’ll stop by the M&M Bar again?

Obama also has a state campaign manager and staff, and has been running TV spots. McCain has no staff and, really, no presence in Big Sky Country.

During the Republican caucuses in February, McCain came in third, behind Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. This year, he has yet to visit the state.

(He did visit once, and I went out to see him. It was 2000 and he was stumping for Conrad Burns. He flew into Missoula with Burns and held a rally out at Executive Aviation. McCain was working on campaign finance reform back then but had taken time out of his busy schedule to campaign for one of the most easily bought members of Congress. This irony was lost on the Republican Party faithful.)

Anyway, Obama wants Montana’s three electoral votes. McCain doesn’t seem to care. I applaud John McCain’s efforts in turning Montana from red to blue.


  1. You misunderstand, McSame is in Arizona on July 4th because he has to campaign there. He still has to nail down his home state before he moves on to try to shore up his support in places like Utah and Texas.

    60+ Democrats in the Senate and 20 more House seats for the Democrats in 2008.

  2. petetalbot


    While I appreciate your “60+ Democrats in the Senate and 20 more House seats … ” and your use of “McSame,” I don’t think I misunderstand. McCain is old and tired and needed to take the weekend off. This from the Washington Post: “BUTTE, Mont., July 4 — With Sen. John McCain taking the holiday off … “

  3. Hidden Meaning

    Obviously, McCain is a good money manager, while Obama throws money away. But that’s the sort of guy you like, right, Pete?

  4. petetalbot

    Yo, Hidden Meaning — this headline from the Arizona Republic: “John McCain lags in key strategy for cash.”

    McCain can’t raise the money, he has no grass roots campaign nor can he compete on the issues. He might even lose to Obama in MONTANA.

  5. Hidden Meaning

    Dream on. The RNC is bankrolling McCain; whereas the DNC is broke.

    But, yo, if it makes you feel like you are part of a movement (ahem), keep sending those $10 online contributions to Obama while we pour in the big bucks for McCain.

  6. UserName

    John McCain cares about all Americans and I hope that everyone will come out and support him in November. He has a wonderful energy plan, which is do everything!! He’s a great American hero with an enormous amount of experience. He’s been tested, and we know exactly what we are getting with him. He’s not the third Bush term as many have tried to paint him. He has stood against his party time and time again. He has worked across party lines again and again. He understands the shape of the economy and has always said we need to cut spending while his opponent wants to increase spending. Steve Forbes said the other day that Obama’s new spending proposals make Hillary look like a Republican!! I was in support of Ron Paul, but now that he’s out I fully stand behind John McCain who takes a Ron Paul style economics approach. While I know they differ on foreign policy, I trust Mccain with National Security. To be honest that was the one issue that always made me a little nervous about Paul. I strongly urge all other Ron Paul supporters to throw their support behind McCain also!! Obama has no experience and the wrong vision for America!!

  7. Wow. I can’t figure out if that’s tongue-in-cheek, or there’s really a Republican troll out there who honestly believes a lot of Ron Paul supporters read this blog.

  8. petetalbot

    Actually, Hidden Meaning, I find this whole fund raising conversation abhorrent. Let’s do public financing of campaigns and elect candidates on the their merits.

    That aside and for your edification, from the LA Times: “Obama has raised $287 million to McCain’s $133 million, which includes the June contributions for McCain … “

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