DOL Conference Call to Update Brucellosis Situation

by jhwygirl

While the Department of Livestock’s regular meeting (the first since the loss of Montana’s brucellosis-free status) is scheduled for July 21 & 22nd (agenda pending), there will be a conference call this upcoming Thursday, July 10th, at 11 a.m.

Here’s the brief agenda. Note that you can access the call by calling 1-888-556-4635, and then entering 1277 for the access code.

There’s also been some developments in the brucellosis world since my last post on the subject:

2 Cows in Daniel, Wyoming tested positive for brucellosis within days of Montana having lost its brucellosis-free status. Just want to note, here, that there aren’t any bison roaming down in Daniel.

–Conservation groups, meanwhile, have sued the feds to stop the feeding of wildlife on the National Elk Refuge. Just want to note, here, that the primary wildlife fed at the National Elk Refuge are, well, ELK.

Maybe cattleowners should sue the State of Wyoming for its feedgrounds? Or at least for their losses? Hey – it’s just an idea!

–Finally, the MT DOL has updated its information on brucellosis with two tidbits – first, testing is ongoing – it doesn’t appear that they’ve found any more brucellosis – and second, there does not appear to be any connection of brucellosis to Mexican Corriente cattle, despite the hollarin’ of some.

  1. My favorite “tidbit” is #8:
    8. What is the source of brucellosis in this herd?
    The Department of Livestock and USDA APHIS are actively working to determine the source of this infection. The source is most likely another cattle herd, or brucellosis infected wildlife. Herds that sold animals to the positive herd (source), and fence line contacts (adjacent herds) are being tested as part of the process to determine the source of infection. DNA fingerprinting is also being performed to see if the strain from the positive animal can be matched against a known infection elsewhere.

    They still haven’t come up with the source of the 2007 infection. But they are “actively working”.

  2. Rimrock

    Tidbits, eh?
    The Spin Doctors are adamant that these Corrientes are most definitely NOT from Mexico.

    Since I am one of the “hollar”ers, I’d say the fact these Corrientes didn’t come from Mexico has next to nothing to do with the situation. The fact remains many Corrientes did come from Texas and Mexico in the not that distant past, and brucellosis remains a known issue.

  3. You ignore the statements by both of the ranchers that have cows tested positive that they believe, themselves, that it was transmitted by elk.

    There was no Corrientes connection with the Daniel case either. Those were angus.

    I am perplexed as to why you insist on the Corriente connection despite all evidence and statements to the contrary.

  4. Rimrock


    In Wyoming and Idaho it took intense exposure between feedground elk running very high exposure rates and cattle during the height of abortion season.
    In Montana, thank God, we don’t have that.
    It certainly appears odd that we have a vastly disproportionate representation of Corrientes in the Montana brucellosis discoveries, though.
    So the ranchers “believe” it was elk? Of course they do. Imagine the ramifications if it isn’t.
    I learned a long time ago this isn’t really about disease. It’s about power. About grass.
    As it stands there is NO evidence that elk are responsible for brucellosis in Montana. A couple of years back, when elk seroprevalence in the Madison was crowding the 7% threshold, EVERY SINGLE ONE turned out to be false positives, and were yersinia instead. So I’m just sayin’, is all… that the preponderance of Corrientes in Montana’s brucellosis discoveries looks mighty suspicious to me. Much more so than elk.

  5. I’m not particularly fond of Corriente – but I’d love to see proof – any proof – of ANYTHING at this point. Let those team ropers rope some bison if they really want a challenge. And before someone starts hollering – that is humor, folks. Amazing that I have any left.

    I was told last year that the source was not a bovine source. But was I given proof? Documentation? Ha!

    Rimrock – I made the mistake of believing that this was about a disease. You didn’t mention the other P word – that’s what this is about, too. Too many acronyms, not enough time or money in the world.

  6. Rimrock

    The other P word?

    Speaking of humor, all sort of possibilities flash through my mind.
    But dang, they all seem to deal with personality profiles, or perhaps production of, well… pee, with related (male) appendages, so now you have me wondering, Moos. Pondering the possibilities. But then I’m just in the house between baling breakdowns, and am about half ringy & not at my best.

    I’ve been told the “it’s a non-bovine” source also. By Marty Zaluski. I’m not a veterinarian, but am not completely stupid either and I must say the “explanation” left me going “huh?”.
    More recently, I was told (by former state vet Tom Linfield) that the particular brucellosis variety in the more recent brucellosis discovery was not specific to cattle, meaning it could be bison, or elk, or cattle. Okey dokey.

    One thing I do know for sure; after Matt Brown’s AP article earlier this week saying the P’s are targeting elk, where I was quoted as saying I’d “fight it tooth and nail”, I got e-mails and phone calls from literally all over the country expressing support and wondering how they could help. My contact stuff wasn’t in the article (thank God!) so those folks had to go to some trouble to track me down. So if the P’s that B want to galvanize support against their cause like never before, go ahead, apply your bison “management” model to elk. The P word that brings to mind is Pandora.

  7. I’m with you, Rimrock – I have called it a pissing match since the beginning. Unfortunately, I was smack in the middle of the thing.

    I’m still wondering when CSI Montana will come up with some “facts”. Imagine what kind of “solutions” they’ll have once armed with documentation.

    I really don’t believe in the tooth fairy.

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