Wiener v. whiners

by Pete Talbot

As reported by the Missoulian’s Keila Szpaller, city council conservatives are all aflutter over a recent post on the list serve called MissoulaGov. The first thing to note is this is not an organ of Missoula’s city government but a private list serve created by Ward 3’s Bob Jaffe to keep citizens informed on Missoula City Council issues.

Ward 1’s Jason Weiner Wiener wrote the most recent post as Jaffe was out of town. Wiener revealed how committees would be run if the conservatives were in the majority (which they happened to be on the Public Safety and Health Committee because a bunch of committee members were out of town for work, vacations, etc.). From Wiener’s report:

“With the self-style conservative minority firmly in control of the votes, I’d venture to guess we got a taste of their governing style.”

That style included questioning contracts without good reason and also some vote changing that went so fast a minute-taker couldn’t keep track, plus the meeting cut into the following Plat, Annexation and Zoning Committee because of the PS&H Committee’s “pile-up.”

Well, John Hendrickson (Ward 2) and Jon Wilkins (Ward 4) got their panties in a knot over Wiener’s report. Sometimes the truth can hurt.

So, John and Jon, you don’t like Jaffe’s list serve? Start your own.

  1. petetalbot

    Shit, Patrick, thanks. I was so concerned about spelling it right that I spelled it wrong. (Patrick was referring to my misspelling of Jason’s last name in the headline. Kinda put a damper on my witty repartee. I’ve corrected it but left one of the misspellings, with strike through, so readers know what’s up. It’s also my penance for having aged brain synapses that tend to misfire. Apologies to Mr. Wiener.)

  2. goof houlihan

    “The Broadway diet as we know it would not exist.”

    That would be an improvement. It’s pathetic, a theory badly put into practice.

  3. JC

    Hendrickson said Monday if the conservatives were in control, things would be different – and better… the West Broadway reconstruction would not have happened: “The Broadway diet as we know it would not exist.”

    The Broadway diet has served its purpose wonderfully. Since being implemented, not one person has died on the roadway. Those who believe the Broadway diet should be eliminated will have blood on their hands the next time someone is killed there.

  4. I live one block removed from the Broadway road diet and I love it. If you’re not an idiot, not on the phone, and even remotely paying attention while driving through the section it’s a breeze.

    The Jo(h)ns came into city council whining and I’m sure they’ll leave doing the same. There may be no greater measure of the city council’s accomplishments. If Hendrickson in particular is complaining, you can be sure CC is getting good work done on behalf of Missoula.

  5. Jim Lang

    I just avoid driving on that section of B’dway now. There’s always an alternate route.

  6. That would be an improvement. It’s pathetic, a theory badly put into practice.

    I was going to say, except for all the dead people under the old design, I’d agree, but JC beat me to it. It’s far from perfect, but it’s a lot safer for pedestrians and bikers.

  7. Jim Lang

    Or has the risk now been spread around town? For example, to Phillips or Fifth/Sixth, routes I take much more often now than I did when Broadway was still broad?

  8. goof houlihan

    I’m patient.

  9. I could be wrong, but isn’t the ROW a bit wider than what is actually used? And if they actually “took” it – like they did on South Avenue – they’d have more room?

    But they’re not doing it because it shrinks the parking on some of the businesses – parking that other businesses around town have to actually put on their own property, and not on public ROW?

    Again – I could be wrong.

  10. JC

    Now don’t get me started on leased parking for businesses/condo-dwellers on public land, jhwygrl.

    Or on why the West Broadway Vision Plan hasn’t been in the news lately? I see that there tentatively is a public hearing date on July 28th. Is that still on?

  11. I got in a boredom-induced bike accident on my way back from the last traffic-related vision plan. They say driving bored is like driving drunk.

  12. goof houlihan

    Where’s the light rail?

  13. petetalbot

    Good question, Goof, where is the light rail? I’m not sure it would work for West Broadway but I’d certainly use it for the Bitterroot, and other points east, west and north. It’s a pity that the current federal, regional and local government administrations haven’t advanced light rail — they just want to keep throwing our dollars at roads and highways — and up gas taxes to pay for them.

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