Top Floor of the Babs Coming in at a Cool $1.5 Million

by jhwygirl

Who knew the Hip Strip was so highbrow?

Oh yeah – “own a piece of Missoula’s history in the heart of our vibrant downtown” the Lambros MLS notes: Unit 2, one of the turetted units that’s been renovated, is currently being offered at $499,500, while you can opt to pick it up without a complete interior remodel for only $403,532.

I don’t know, maybe I can pick the colors and the cabinets, and see if they’ll take $495,500. Whadda ya think? I can even forego window treatments.

Of particular interest is the east side patio area which will include an outdoor cooking space with a Viking gas grill and Traeger smoker, dining area and landscaping with seating areas. For indoor gatherings, the community room will have a Brunswick 8′ pool table, card table, wet bar, Sony Bravia XBR LCD television and a restroom.

Quite the party house, huh? Wonder what the rest of the tenant’s will say about all that noise?

Of course, if Unit 2 is out of your price range, perhaps Unit 1 will do – you can pick that one up now for steal (sans complete interior remodel) for $415,000. You’ll have to skip the turret, but you still get the top floor, plus you also get a grand staircase entrance!

Then again, if you are really low on cash you can hit up Units 4-13, which range from $237,000 to $298,750.

Unit 13, coming in at 634 sq. ft. (does that include the closets?) will be $237,000 completely renovated – but of course, you can do the reno yourself and save $20,000.

Before you go all crazy, folks – don’t forget to check the HOA fees and docs before you sign the bottom line.

You’ll also need 20% down. Don’t want to make the mortgage banks too nervous.


  1. Lamnidae

    Wonder how many years those are going to sit on the market at the prices they’re being offered?

  2. at those prices the banks will want about 50% down.

  3. ksho

    Financing? Um, where are you gonna get the comp for a half-million dollar Missoula condo when it comes appraisal time? These are for cash buyers, y’all.

  4. JC

    Comps? Look no further than over the river at the Wilma.

  5. ksho

    Yeah? How many of those Wilma units ended up selling for >$350/sq ft? And is, say, the 8th floor of the Wilma really comparable to the basement of the Babs?

  6. JC

    Um, there’s a 400 sq ft condo on the 7th floor of the Wilma on sale right now for $180,375, That’s $450/sq ft.

  7. 400-frickin’-square-feet?! Someone, please, tell me that isn’t ridiculous….that I’m old and out of touch.

    Who buys these things? Where are these people? Do they live here or do they buy these things and only fly in and visit a few weeks out of the year?

  8. ksho

    Yikes. I guess if and when they all actually sell for these prices (still lots of cash to throw down for that), it’ll be comp-tastic.

  9. So in real estate it’s one idiot a market makes?

  10. ksho

    One who doesn’t need a bank loan.

  11. ksho

    BTW, Bob Struckman has a New West piece from 7/18/08, titled Condos Linger on Missoula’s Market, that includes this kernel:

    “Dearborn developer Collin Bangs offered flat-screens, rather than lowering the price (all sellers avoid price drops, which push down future property appraisals).”

    In other words, once you get a handful of folks (read moneybags?) who bite on condos with unprecedented price tags, comparable units should then appraise similarly. And no way do you want to directly discount similar units and see those appraisals come down to prices that the majority of people are actually willing to pay. So, you can offer “incentives” to unload units, but don’t you mess with the price tag.

    So I wonder what they’ll ultimately give you if you’ll pay $268K to live in the Babs basement? A year of free dinners at Ciao Mambo?

  12. I have to say I was shocked at that Struckman piece to which you refer – especially considering one of his previous piece (this one).

    Not only are we a non-disclosure state, we’ve got developers and realtors in cahoots, ensuring that prices don’t drop. Isn’t that collusion? Price fixing? Monopoly-like activity?

    The consumer has not a chance.

    Now that you’ve gone and mentioned Struckman (and let me say that this stuff pains me): Another Struckman piece that got-my-goat was this one: Finding a way forward at the Bitterroot Resort.

    A good deal of the reporting over there is excellent stuff – stuff you won’t see elsewhere. I sincerely mean that. But when they begin a piece on the Bitterroot resort with “As Missoula’s pre-eminent resort-in-progress…,” it’s easy to see where the bread-and-butter is.

    I’d rather they avoid the subject all together rather than write a piece that looks like a news piece but is very apparently driven by an agenda of keeping the advertisers happy.

  13. “Dearborn developer Collin Bangs offered flat-screens”

    LOL! Let the gimmicks begin.

    We’re supposed to be a disclosure state now, courtesy of Dan Buck’s administrative rule. For what it’s worth…

  14. Disclosure to the public, or the sale docs that have to be submitted to the DoR, Carol?

  15. ugh! they’ve redone the state’s ARM rules webpages. If you ask me, they’re a mess!

  16. To the DoR, but can that be kept private? All I know is two Realtors told me that we are now a disclosure state and they were not happy about it! But then they’re worried about a transfer tax too.

  17. i know i shouldn’t say this because it exposes my bad side but I just love the smell of smoldering developers – God help me but i do love it so.

  18. goof houlihan

    Every house, or apartment I ever lived in was built by a developer. Only my tipi and my ’52 Suburban weren’t.

    So we all agree that the suburbs are a far better way to go than a condo downtown, right?

  19. it’s a shortcoming of mine- to root for the robin hood’s of this world. (i find my knees get dirty genuflecting at the altar of the rich). if they actually built “affordable” condos instead of trying to gouge every last dime from a dead market by inflating prices to get even richer i would be a little less giddy. but, i realize that sheriff nottingham had his supporters too.

  20. JC

    Who buys these things? Where are these people? Do they live here or do they buy these things and only fly in and visit a few weeks out of the year?

    Check out the Wilma Condo — it’s being ran as a hotel room… for $155/night.

  21. Anon. Whistleblower

    Some persons might remember the Salt Lake City policemen called in to “protect” the residents of the Garden City from the devious dealings of the Hells Angels 7 years ago. Those same persons will remember how those Mormonoid agents of justice ran through Higgins like a horde of vikings beating the holy hell out of every coffee shop hippie and hopeless alcoholic they could find. Does anybody remember charges against them? No, because there were none.
    The simple truth is that those Mormon cops were not simply called up in order to maintain order for a week or so- in fact, they were, in all likelihood not even Mormons anymore. By July of 2000, 20% of the Salt Lake police department had abandoned the ways of Smith and Young and traded them in for the teachings of the fascist Julius Evola. Other Evola acolytes such as ex-mayor Mike Kadas (secretly a member of an underground Greek Falangist group) and UM President George Dennison had invited the SLCPD to set up permanent residence in Missoula as a sort of secret goverment/police.
    Now before I go any further, does anyone have any idea WHAT IN THE HELL they do in that building on the corner of Pattee and Main, across the street from what used to be Birdwatchers? The doors are always locked, and the signs say “EMPLOYEES ONLY” but I’ll bet not one person has ever seen anyone walk in or out of that building. The reason for this is simple: this is where the SLC cops, who never returned to Salt Lake, shack up and run the workings of the city of Missoula. They enforce their fascist scheme for citywide domination through their thugs in the Missoula Parking Commission and the Missoula Downtown Association. You are not allowed to flyer downtown anymore because Kadas and Dennison (the puppetmasters behind John Engen) have deemed such advertisements as promoting “degenerate art.”
    Now, let’s set another thing straight…Bobby Hauck works for Dennison. As such, he is the minister of Agitation (the Griz football position is a cover). it was Bobby Hauck who infiltrated and then convinced the Hells Angels to hold a rally in Missoula in 2000. This was done with the knowledge that the Angels would not destroy any city property (Sonny looks down on such conduct), but their presence would scare Missoulians into allowing the introduction of jackbooted fascist SLC cops. They (the cops) would rough up some locals in an initial show of force and then go hide in that building on Pattee and Main until the time was right to announce themselves again. In the meantime, a select force of them would pose as advocates for a countywide marijuana de-prioritization initiative. The passing of the initiative was planned to coincide with a rash of assault and robbery that would result in a backlash. With armed thugs going house to house looking for marijuana and pistolwhipping undergraduates, it was known the residents of Missoula would freely give away their rights for protection.
    Coach Bobby Hauck started recruiting known criminals from maximum-security prisons for the UM football team. At the same time he started selling packages of marijuana tagged with microscopic tracking devices in Eureka, knowing that some of the contraband would wind up in Missoula. When the time was right (about 1 year after the ratification of the marijuana initiative) he would give the UM ex-con players the go-ahead to go to homes where the tracked marijuana had wound up, in order to induce a state of fear and an acquiescence to authority in the Garden City populace. At the same time, SLC ex-cops would mill around the east broadway area in Grizzly face-paint after games, beating up persons who do not conform to their strict fascist morality.
    Also timed to coincide with the passing of the marijuana initiative was the gentrification of downtown. Kadas and Engen decided that the Wilma and Montaigne should be the first of many buildings to be converted into upscale condos. This would bring a “purer” element into downtown. Previous residents would be expelled, either to leave the city or work as serfs for the new class of ubermensch living in their old residences. All of you evicted can expect to wind up slaves.
    To grease the gears of the new city order, an event called “first friday” was organized by the secret Fascists at the Missoula Downtown Association. Its purpose was to put money into the hands of downtown entrepeneurs, who were unwittingly funding a fascist coup by turning a portion of their increased profits over to the MDA. Remember, a good many german businessmen joined the NSDAP in the 1930s simply because it was good business. As it was then with the Nazis, so is it now with the MDA.
    If the MDA is the Missoula SS, then the Missoula Parking Commission could be termed as the Missoula Gestapo. The Missoula Parking Commission issues tickets not so much to collect money as information. In ticketing you, they record your license plate, thus residence and identity, in order to know who cannot afford a private parking space. Those who can afford a year-round spot in Central Park are assured a spot in the new aristocracy. Those who cannot are to be used as laborers in secret camps out by Milltown, worked to death and then deposited in the superfund site.

    So here’s the rundown: Kadas and Dennison hatched a scheme for a new fascist order in early 1999. They soon developed contacts with a renegade portion of the SLC police department who had also developed fascist sympathies (which happens to cops all the time). Bobby Hauck was given the position of cheif agitator by Dennison, and set about directing the Hells Angels to Missoula in order to induce a public panic that would allow for the importation of his comrades from Utah. The SLC cops never went back to Utah, but instead took control of the Missoula Parking Commission and Missoula Downtown Association to enforce Kadas and Dennison’s program of gentrification, and later purification and to promote a Marijuana depriortization initiative. In the meantime, Bobby Hauck planted tracking devices within Missoula’s marijuana supply and recruited known criminals to work as enforcers. These enforcers would create a state of fear in which Missoulians would call for greater exercise of authority, and realize the folly of the marijuana initiative, and thus democracy as a whole. We are at the crucial point right now where the fascist program can be countered by not giving in to the propaganda disseminated by the Missoulian, KPAX and Montana Kaimin. If all of this doesn’t make sense to you, they’ve already got you. Don’t say you weren’t warned when agents of injustice in brown shirts (with bear paws on the back of them) come knocking at your door.

  22. You are an English major? Or maybe Professional Writing or something like that?


  23. Lizard

    AW: definite points for style and follow-through. a very effective parody of the conspiracist subculture. I am quite impressed with how you plug unrelated events of Missoula’s recent history into the global conspiracy template. Bravo.

    it’s too bad, though, that the term conspiracy theory has been so weighed down with cultural ridicule that anyone who enters taboo terrain, like voicing skepticism about the official narrative of 9-11, is instantly discredited in the minds of the somnambulist majority.

  24. Mayor of Mayhem

    Lizard, SOMNAMBULIST? really come on dude

  25. Mayor of Mayhem

    Anon , If you are right we all might as well pack it in and drink the cyanide kool aid before it’s too late. Holy shit dude! The only part I find hard to believe is someone infiltrated the Angels. The rest sounds like standard conspiracy yada yada yada. Even if it’s true there’s nothing you can do about it.

  26. Lizard

    Mayor, if I’m not mistaken, Anon is dabbling in satire. as for my choice of words, what specifically do you have a problem with? I’m just curious.

  27. Mayor of Mayhem

    No problem Liz, and I apologize to Anon for not getting it. I hear so much conspiracy nonsene from old friends who are teaching thier 9 year old kids to fieldstrip AKs so they’ll be ready when the black op helicopters come for them that I have become apathetic regarding all Government conspiracy theories. As far as somnambulist goes couldn’t you have just said sleepwalking. I realize it’s my intellect and not your vocabulary choice that is lacking and again I apologize. But if you want to hear something really scary, it sounds like Dick Cheney owns his own prison, and he’s getting sued for people dying there. What’s real is always more terrifying than anything that we can make up.

  28. Anon. Whistleblower

    ex pre-Journalism, actually.
    I’ve got a stack of AP style articles about Judy Martz feeding kids to grizzly bears, too.

    Yeah, it’s satire, but only slightly. There’s very little doubt in my mind that groups like the MDA and Rocky Mountain Development Group are actively trying to get a “better class of people” downtown and force the riff-raff (ie, the people making their lattes) to settle for East Missoula trailer homes.

  29. Mayor of Mayhem

    I wonder if marijuana tagged with microscopic tracking devices gets you really high? Look out for the condo commandoes. Once they get started they can create havoc on tax bases. You may have to move because you can’t pay your property taxes.

  30. condo’s in this price range must leave some bankers with involuntary eye twitches. does anyone really think these will sell anytime in the near future?

    what’s wrong with east missoula trailers whistleblower? they have the best rotten apples and most of the habitant humans leave some pet food and garbage out. those yuppies in town all collect apples with that darn PC chuck jonkel crowd horning in on my territory. how’s a bear going to get drunk and fat for winter around here?

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    […] to Missoula’s Babs – which will be making its developers quite a pretty […]

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